måndag 17 februari 2014

The Galapagos Islands

During five days we cruised along the Galapagos Islands - Floreana, Espanola and San Cristobal, snorkling meeting beautiful fishes, climbing the"mountains" meeting birds, walking around the beautiful white sand bays meeting turtle and sea lions....See for yourselves......

Our first turtle
A leguan
Sea lion
A swimming turtle
Red uncooked crabs
Waiting for our next adventure
Posting letters to the children
A beautiful bird
Ready for take off
Mother and child
Enjoying the sun on warm stones
Nature is beautiful
Pig lunch at our boat Isabela II
Sven with some sea lions
And Maj resting....

And Sven resting....
An earthcrake created those stone islands

Anders and Sven checking the captain of "our" boat
Isabela II
And finally - before leaving Galapagos islands - Sven with a land turtle

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