onsdag 12 mars 2014

Short visit to Sweden

Last Thursday I flew to Sweden to celebrate Hugo 1 year, Toril 4 years and Elsa 10 years. I stayed with my sister Siv from Thursday to Saturday and Thursday evening we just chatted... We had dinner for one of our cousins with wife Friday and Saturday at noon we checked in at "our" hotel. We "babywatched" Wilhelm and Tuva-Li when Mark was out running - training for his Triaton. In the evening we celebrated Hugo and Elsa. Sunday we drove to Malmö and Toril's birthday celebration - and after that we drove by Filip and Åsa.

After a couple of hours' sleep Siv drove me to the railway station too early Monday morning for my flight back from Copenhagen via Athens to the Island in the sun.

I did spend FANTASTIC days with all of our big family!

I must add - yesterday a got a film showing Hugo's first steps - 1 year and 6 days old!

Toril with her birthday cake supervised by Embla and Mark

Anna, Mark and André discussing - what?
Father and son
All the children queing for the bag with sweets
to immediately site down starting to eat it

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