måndag 28 april 2014


I have two fantastic men in my house now - and what are they doing - Göran working with his telephone and computor and Sven just arrived after his nap checking his "pad". I got no attention! at all.....

söndag 27 april 2014

Visit from Larnaca

Swedish friends came for a drink and some sandwiches on their way from Vouni to Lathsi. They are friends of my childhood friend Marianne whom I have known ever since I was born - or to correct it - since she was born as she is one year younger than I am....

We had some lovely hours together before they left for new adventures further to the north. We hope to see them in Västervik this summer!

Stellan, Gull-Mari - and guess who - who is not on the golf course today?

torsdag 24 april 2014

Bridge with champagne

Tonight we played our Swedish bridge competition - and we did win - me and my partner Ulla. Sven and Ulla's husband Ingemar came second. Each a bottle of wine did we win!

As Anita celebrated her 70th birthday today we had champagne after the competition  - so in all a very pleasant evening!

Petra, Ingemar, Ulla, Johan, Anita, me, Lars, Sven, Evert och Clary

Boxing with my PT

Today - among other exercises - I boxed again. I do think it is funny hitting my PT!
Bang and bang and bang again......

söndag 20 april 2014

Easter Eve with friends

Easter Eve we were invited to Aina and Bengt together with other Swedish friends. The food was excellent - and so the drinks! And we had so much fun!

The herring dishes and the eggs
Painting one egg each
Great fun!
And this is my egg
And of course meatballs
The host
The hostess
And two guests

lördag 19 april 2014

Visist from Sweden

My cousin Ingvar and his wife Britt-Mari visited us together with friends Thursday and Friday - and left this morning.

We spent hectic days together vising our favorite winery Tsangarides, the market in Kato Pafos and the harbour. We spent some very pleasant days together with many laughters.

Britt-Mari is testing the water
And Invar the temperature
Wine testing at Tsangarides

Farewell Kari!

On the 17th of April we were 30 people on "The Real Glass Bottom Boat" saying "Good-bye" to Per's partner and our dear friend Kari. The weather was fantastic and the ceremony was so beautiful and so moving. We were singing Swedish hymns and then Kari's ashes were spread in the Mediterranean - and our flours did float away together with him towards Avdimou - Kari's favorite bay and we were served champage and sandwiches. This was exactly how Kari wanted it to be.

This photo speaks for itself
Sven with Ulla and Björn Rydberg
The weather was fantastic
The Ceremony
Farewell Kari!

tisdag 15 april 2014

My PT was here this morning - again...

Since more than a month I have my PT Chris coming home to me three times a week "drilling" me for an hour. I have to strengthen my body - and so I do with his help. Today it was balance and yoga - but every session is different. Today Sven was at home when he came and he took some pictures of a very concentrated Maj! But we also box - use rubber bands, weights and lots of other "toys". I really do enjoy it!

It look sooo easy but moving on it, balance with a boll and...
 It is hard!
Streching my body...
And concentrating to hold my leg "for ever" in this position - full control is needed

lördag 12 april 2014

Our latest pet!

This is a picture of our latest "pet" whom we found this morning outside our garage. So sweet and so green....

So sweet....

lördag 5 april 2014

Wine testin with Evert & Anita

Yesterday we were invited by Evert & Anita for a wine testing together with some other Swedish friends. The wines were excellent - and so the food. We had a fantastic evening!

Åke & Brit brought "sprinish" yellow tulips
The 4th of April having a drink outside in the sunshine
All concentrated at the red wine testing

torsdag 3 april 2014

Wine testing at Cava's

Yesterday we went with the Kamare's Wine Club to Cava in Pafos for wine testing. A very pleasant evening...

Waiting for the bus....
Testing nice wines....
And going back after a very enjoyable evening