lördag 31 maj 2014

What a day!

Mark and his children Wilhelm and Tuva-Li arrived yesterday - and what a day we have had today!

It started with a nice breakfast and after that we decided to take our Buster to look at a smaller motorboat to be included in our "boat fleet". It did look nice - but Sven was not satisfied with it - so we will continue to look for the perfect one!

After lunch Mark had to train for his Triathlon so we went shopping with our grandchildren - of course in a toy shop - and we had lots of fun when Mark was running 10 kilometres... And Grandfather did pay everything - with pleasure! After lunch - Mark did swim 1,5 kilometres and me and his children were "pepping" him swimming in the ice-cold water!

We had dinner outside as the weather was so beautiful - and then we saw this sailing boat hitting the only rock outside Solhäll. So Sven, Mark and the children took another tour with the Buster to help them out - and the boat owner, his wife and son were so grateful and the children so proud that they were heroes! And they proudly came back with more Saturday sweets...

Now it is evening and Wilhelm and Tuva-Li are slowly calming down after a very special day at Solhäll!

And we did buy a kayak for two today so when our friends Sue and Steve arrive mid June we will try it - in calm weather...

On our way to look at the boat
Sven inspecting the boat - but no....
Tuva-Li is tired on our way home
Mark preparing himself for 10 kilometres...
And swimming in the ice-cold water

fredag 30 maj 2014

Back in Sweden and Solhäll

Sunday midnight we arrived to our holiday home Solhäll - and Rolf who is taking care of our houses when we are home in Cyprus has bought 6 tons of sand to our beach - and planted flowers in all our pots. I was so close to crying when I inspected all he has done - not only with a flash lamp but in daylight.

And today our son Mark arrived with his two children Wilhelm and Tuva-Li and of course the beach was so popular! I have to buy new toys for the beach tomorrow - and our grandchildren will of course chose - and Grandmother will pay....

Wilhelm and Tuva-Li  enjoying our new beach

fredag 23 maj 2014

A day-tour

Today we drove to Omodos to buy the best bread in Cyprus. We continued to Koilani to buy the best sweet wines in Cyprus - to bring to Sweden to serve our Swedish friends and also for friends in Cyprus when we are back end of August.

Then we drove to Vouni to have lunch with our close friend Per Nehler. He did serve us fantastic food and bier and snaps and port wine and Xanté to go with the coffee and tea..... And his dogs Diddy and Tony are 14 years old and behaving so well!

A dramatic landscape on our way to Vouni
Me and Diddy
And Per with Tony - and Sven
The village of Vouni from above

onsdag 14 maj 2014

Next wine testing

Today we went with our dear friends Sue and Steve on another wine testing tour. We were picked up at 09.30 and came home at 18.00 and we really had a fantastic day with lots of delicious wines and a very tasty lunch!

Me and Sue enjoying the white Xinisteri
And Sue and Sven also enjoying it
Outside the Constantinou winery
And what a view!
Mingle with our glasses at Tsiakkas Winery

söndag 11 maj 2014

Wine testing at SODAP in Stroumpi

We were invited to SODAP's winery in Stroumpi and the inaguration of their newly built wine bar - just 10 minutes away from Olympus Village - and so were Sue and Steve. So we went there together. And it looked fantastic! We tested some of their wines together with lots of people loving the SODAP wines - to go with some nice snacks!

So many people....
And all the bottles at the bar so generously served...

And so healthy snacks!

lördag 3 maj 2014

Hemmets Veckotidning

A Swedish magasine - Hemmets Veckotidning - has bought an article about us sailing from Sweden to Cyprus in 2009 - and Eva Boss who is living in Nicosia came to interview us. I do look forwars to reading the article!

Sven checking the map together with Eva

torsdag 1 maj 2014

1st of Maj / May

We were inviteted to Dan and Angela for some glasses of wine and snacks before the Swedish lunch in Letymbou arranged by Ingela! We say thank you to Dan and Angela - and to Ingela for arranging this fantastic afternoon!

Some wine and snacks at Angela and Dan
Me and Leif...
At the taverna in Letymbou - Janne and Lotta

28 of us Swedes were there...
Great friends - Göran, Ingemar and Sven
Göran and Ingela...
Ewa-Britt and Sven...