söndag 29 juni 2014


So - Jannicke did arrive together with Toril and Embla had longed for Toril - and Toril had longed for Embla also! But before that we went out in the morning in the drizzling rain to pick blueberries for the dessert.

Embla with her Grandmother in the woods

We did not find so many.....
Our egg and herring lunch
Bought in Västervik - diffrent colours - but the same model
Embla with MOTHER
And the seven of us having dinner with a blueberry dessert

lördag 28 juni 2014


Yesterday - not as exiting as the day before - but still a wonderful day. Embla started with fishing, then we took our Buster to the restaurant at Idö.

A very happy Embla fishing again
Grandmothers with Grandchild
At the Idö restaurant

And Embla at the top of the restaurant with a fantastic view
 Back again at Solhäll Embla had a "horse run" in the garden and then watering all my flowers with very good help of her Grandmother Anki!

Nice horse - and a beautiful child
Embla helping me watering the flowers
And today we our picking up Jannicke and Toril at the railway station. We are so much looking forward to seeing them too!

fredag 27 juni 2014

Embla, Anki and Göran visiting Solhäll

Wednesday afternoon Jannicke's parents in law drow to Solhäll bringing also our oldest grandchild Embla. We had a nice late afternoon in the sun. Brave Embla also did swim in icecold water - 16 degrees.

Enjoying the Swedish summer

Embla trying the pilateball in my "gym"

Grandmothers and Grandfathers and our DARLING Embla

A new day - Embla going swimming - not the Grandmothers!
Coming to the beach we met this beaufiful swan family
Embla - she could not resist the water - swimming again...
We lost a "paddle" and Anki and Embla are trying to pick it up
And Anki did her utmost
And so did Embla - and we managed!
Embla fishing with good fishing luck
And finally dinner at the veranda...

tisdag 24 juni 2014

Walking around Gränsö / Farewel party and Good Bye!

Saturday morning Sue, Steve and Sven took a walk around the island of Gränsö in sunny weather. It is so green around Solhäll!

Sue and Steve somewhere at Gränsö

In the afternoon we decided to take a tour with our boat "Majsan" around our island - and then suddenly the motor "died" so Sven had to row our boat to the nearest pontoon - where we left the boat and once again walked through the woods for Sven and Steve to pick up "Buster" to pick up "Majsan"...

Sven rowing "Majsan" - and he is really good at that!
Finally we came ashore at unknown friends pontoon...
A love walk....
And so did Sue and Sven think
Last evening together this time
And Steve seems to like the Swedish strawberries
Sunday morning we went to Hotel Prison - as of the name - a former prisoner
And we say Good Bye to Sue and Steve

lördag 21 juni 2014

Friday the 20th of MIDSOMMAR

Sue and I did start our Swedish Midsommar collecting flowers to our celebration to the Swedish summer. I will not write many words because the pictures will tell the story!

Sue looking for pretty flowers
do we have enough flowers
now to chose the perfect flowers for Sven
The finished product!
A perfect fitt
The boys, not so pretty!
Steve is working hard
Checking if we have enough wine
Enjoying our picnic
So handsome
Now we are back, Steve is in control
Sven with Marie
Now we have The Vegan Feast
Tasted better than it looks
Enjoyin the food with The Swedish and Union Jack flags

fredag 20 juni 2014

The 19th of June 2014

A quite normal day here at Solhäll - starting with breakfast - strolling around in Västervik, visiting a beautiful church - having lunch during the heaviest rain we ever had here and in the late afternoon Steve had to help Sven cutting the wood for our open fire...
I light candles for my Mother and Father in St. Gertrud's Church
And Steve had to work for the food!
A loving couple!
Waiting for the food!
Our Midsommar with the Swedish and English flag
This is at the restaurant where we had lunch - but my computer does not want to move it - sorry

It was weeeet