lördag 7 juni 2014

The 6th of June 2014

We celebrated a beautiful and intensive Swedish National Day yesterday.

At breakfast we enjoyed our trees when sitting at the veranda outside the kitchen - yellow flowers and blue sky and water - the colours of the Swedish flag! Breathtaking!

Then we drove to Oskarshamn - about 80 kilometres from Västervik and bought a "new" old boat for fishing and to row with the grandchildren. When back in Västervik - we were only allowed to drive 30 km so it took some time - we put our small boat into the water and anchored it at Solhäll.

When that was done we change the old terrible letter box outside Solhäll into a brand new.

With missions completed we opened a bottle of champagne to toast for Sweden, the summer and the sun and of course our new boat and letter box!

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