söndag 15 juni 2014

Two intensive days in Malmö / Lund

Wednesday morning we drow to Skåne to celebrate Sven's and Åsa's birthdays at a restaurant in Malmö together with Åsa's mother Marie and Åsa's brother Mårten. A lovely evening - but no photos as I did forget my camera....

Thursday we spent with Jannicke's family to celebrate that school was over for Embla and that a loooong summer is waiting for her. We visited Embla's school, had lunch and dinner with them.

Embla in the centre of her class
Proud parents
Embla and her class singing about one of the attreactions in Malmö - the Turning Torso
Ice creme in the sun together with Tea, one of Emblas best friends
"Wärdshuset" - a local very nice restaurant!
And Toril with her dessert.....

Friday we met some friends for lunch and in the late afternoon were invited to a barbecue at Mark's and Hanna-Fia's house and I think we were as many children as adults. The pool was filled up and although I thought it was freeeezing cold the children loved it - even our youngest grandchild Hugo... At eight in the evening we left for Västervik and arrived safely in the middle of the night.

Tuva-Li and Wilhelm in the middle together with cousins
And Embla has arrived
And Toril wanted so much to join them
But she did not come closer than this....
But Hugo had no choise as André just lift him into the water
Soon two years of marrige - and still so in love!
Kids at the table - so hungry
And adults - also hungry...
Tasty burgers
And I did enjoy every minute with all our children and grandchildren

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