tisdag 24 juni 2014

Walking around Gränsö / Farewel party and Good Bye!

Saturday morning Sue, Steve and Sven took a walk around the island of Gränsö in sunny weather. It is so green around Solhäll!

Sue and Steve somewhere at Gränsö

In the afternoon we decided to take a tour with our boat "Majsan" around our island - and then suddenly the motor "died" so Sven had to row our boat to the nearest pontoon - where we left the boat and once again walked through the woods for Sven and Steve to pick up "Buster" to pick up "Majsan"...

Sven rowing "Majsan" - and he is really good at that!
Finally we came ashore at unknown friends pontoon...
A love walk....
And so did Sue and Sven think
Last evening together this time
And Steve seems to like the Swedish strawberries
Sunday morning we went to Hotel Prison - as of the name - a former prisoner
And we say Good Bye to Sue and Steve

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