måndag 28 juli 2014

Another Saturday, Sunday and Monday in warm and sunny weather at Solhäll

This summer turns out to be one of the warmest in Sweden for many, many years - and we, our children and grandchildren love it! It is sooo much swimming, boating and fishing!

Andr'e, Hugo and Tuva-Li in the Buster to guide Elsa how to waterski
Elsa is ready for "take off"! But it was hard....
Again putting out the nets yesterday evening with Mark's family, me and cousin Carl
And this morning Sven is "surveying" dragging up the nets
With help of Wilhelm and Tuva-Li with Mark rowing
And this is the fantastic result!

Sven and Mark preparing the fishes for dinner with Tuva-Li on the rocks

lördag 26 juli 2014

Solhäll the 25th of July

Still fantastic weather! So water activites had the highest priority! Mark's parents in law arrived in the late afternoon by their motorbike to participate in a motorbike meeting at Gränsö with a parade tomorrow trough Västervik. More than 5.000 motobikes have gathered here for a three days' event.

Mark is teaching Tuva-Li how to swim
Whilst Hanna-Fia is surveying Wilhelm playing with the "kajak"
And know they prepare a "take off"
Egon saying "bye, bye" to André with family
Lars-Torgny and Helena upon arrival

fredag 25 juli 2014

André with family ready for a hike

André, Anna, Elsa and Hugo decided to go for a hike and sleep over on either Gränsö or another small island. The whole family is really very close to nature!

The family is ready to leave
And all stuff packed into "Majsan"

torsdag 24 juli 2014

André and Elsa fishing at Solhäll

The fishes are back in the water outside Solhäll! André and Elsa went out this morning to pick up the net they put out yesterday - and they got SIX fishes. Their dinner is secured!

Elsa is rowing and André is dragging up the net
Back with Majsan in our harbour

 Sven and André taking out the nets from Majsan

Again - a hard work to get the fishes out from the net

And preparing the fresh fishes for dinner....

And what did we do today?

We had a fantastic lunch at Björkö - invited by Lena and Jan! Together with dear friends we started the lunch at one o'clock and sailed back at nine in the evening after fantastic hours with fantastic food and fantastic drinks and a fantastic host and a fantastic hostess and fantastic transportation with "Mulen" when some of us were to tired to walk....

Almost all of us of us upon arrival
The shelter was perfect because the weaher was like the summer in Cyprus..
Singing "snapsvisor" to go with the herring
The other side - having so much fun
Me and Gynnel driving "Mulen" like a golf car...
And so happy we are!
We are almost there....
And now we are on the top of the "mountain"

Our "kajak" is popular

Andre, Anna and Elsa took a swim with our "kajak" in this beautiful weather - warm as in Cyprus! Hugo was having his lunch nap in their house.

First swim from the "kajak"
And out again in the water outside Solhäll

måndag 21 juli 2014

Lunch at Stor Grundemar

In perfect sunny and warm July weather we picked up friends in our Buster to continue for lunch with friends.

The captain and Gerth
Happy ladies
Ready to leave

söndag 20 juli 2014


We were invited to a superb dinner at our friends house here at Gränsö and we took our Majsan in a beautiful sunny weather - but - then it started to rain - but we did not care because we had our umbrellers!

Sven and the host Thomas
The hostess Birgitta and daughter Elin
And it started to rain
And it continued to rain
But still in the rain I was happy
Men´s talk
And a fantastic sunset again
Back to Solhäll after a fanastic evening

Visit of Siv and Ingvar

My sister Siv and my cousin Ingvar with his wife Britt-Mari and their son Dennis, wife Tina and children came to visit us at Solhäll! The weather was FANTASTIC and we had a FANTASTIC time together!

A fantastic tour with our Buster
The captain
Arriving to the island
So niiiiice
Beautiful weather!
So lucky  we are....

torsdag 17 juli 2014

Kivik - This FANTASTIC typical market!

You all know that we did take this decision after a couple of glasses of wine in Öregrund at Calle´s and Gerd-Louise´s place to participate in this "Kivik Marknad" - one of the most famous in Sweden.

I do not know how to explain that we did manage during these three days in Kivik - but the photos I enclose will tell you the story of fantastic days in heavy rain and in heavy winds and in heavy sunshine - but I know that none of us will forget those days - and none of us have laughed that much for years. I will guide you though out the pictures - because words cannot tell our story.

Sunday 13th July - we are all there to decide products and prices
And carrying EVERYTHING into the lorry that Göran had bought!

And what am I and Sven doing with this - I do not know
One of our most famous politicians visited us - Gudrun Schyman --and of course Göran got a hugh!
Calle and Evert selling screws -not with a big success...
Anita and Gerd-Louise setting the the prices in the rain our first day

And this female politicain came back and did hug not only our teddybears but also Calle
And the the catastrophy came - the telt wanted to leave us
We all tried to save everything....
Not much to sell Monday evening......
But we are happy
And so are Calle and Gerd-Louise
And so are Göran and Lena
And so are Evert and Anita
Those four fantastic boys landed on my bed this night - but only one in .....
And Thuesday morning the SUN was with us!
And Mr. Månsson was happy!
And so was Sven!
Does`nt he look gordious in Evert's hat
This is our stand!
Everything is packed and we leave to go home for a rest after three fantastic days!