tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Cousins at Solhäll

We did invite my cousins on my Mother's side for a weekend at Solhäll.
"Historically" we were 13 cousins - me and my sister included - and today we are 9 cousins. We spent a lovely time together with so many memories from our childhood! Unfortunately 3 cousins were not able to come but one husband and one partner joined us.

Everybody is there - and Sven is the photografer
Dinner at our veranda
Zivania testing
Me, Anita, Karin, Yvonne, Anita's brother Ingvar and my sister Siv

lördag 9 augusti 2014

Friede's visiting us

Our friends Ulla and Ingemar - friends that we met in Cyprus - and our mutual bridge partners arrived Thursday in the afternoon and left us this morning. We had fantastic weather and had dinners "on the water" at Solhäll twice, took our Buster for a lunch at a very sheltered island - and took another short tour around the islands around Västervik. And of course we played bridge the two evenings they were here. No comments about the result.....

Dinner at Solhäll
Lunch at Krokö - 15 minutes from Solhää
A walk at the island of Händelöp - Here we are

måndag 4 augusti 2014

Our summer lunch

Normally we have to put up our tent to protect us from the rain - but today we had to do it as a shelter for the sun. Europe is really up and down. We have 30 degrees here when the rain is pouring down in mid Europe. But we are happy! We did invite 20 of our Västervik friends and 18 of them came. What a lunch we had!

So cosy with our Västervik friends
And the hostess is soooo happy!
Everybody are enjoing the salmon, the beef and the dessert... and the wine of course
Men`s talk
Everybody has left and the table is empty
And Sven and I are so happy about a successful lunch and what a sunset we have