måndag 24 november 2014

The winners take it all

In 2011 Sven and I did win a golf competion and together with the winners in 2012, 2013 and 2014 we were this evening invited to a fantastic dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It was an evening we always will remember! We started with a "snaps" at the parking place behind the restaurant - like children sneeking - and then we had a fantastic meal - and so much fun!

All of us - except Sven who took the picture - after the "snaps"
All of us at the dinner table
Anngret, Sven and Clary - what to eat?
Kerstin, Lars, Maina and Hans - two winning couples
The host with Marie and Lars
Staffan who did win with his wife Marie together with Marianne who did win with her husband Paul
Sven trying to hit the eggs - with the honour!
And Anngret.....
And me trying to catch the rice....
And then the fire.......
And THANK you Lars-Åke for a wonderful evening!

Visit from Hidden School Lane in Vouni

For lunch today Per was invited with his dogs Diddi and Tony - and it was so nice that we finally saw him and his dogs at Aphrodite Street after so many efforts - though always before in vain...

We had "gravad" salmon and also a typical Swedish course with cabbage and minced meat with a creamy sause, cucumber and lingonberry.

Lunch - Sven and Per

And the hostess with our guest
And then Diddi and Tony got their lunch

Everybody is satisfied - hopefully

November Stableford at Minthis Hills - and the WINNER is of course SVEN

Once again Sven was the winner - and a very happy winner! No photo available as I was at home cooking for Swedish guests the same evening.

lördag 22 november 2014

Graham 70 years

We did celebrate Graham´s 70th birthday at the Vatouthkia restaurant in Tala together with many of his and his wife´s friends! It was a Barry White evening and we all sang along and danced to the music!

The drinks were free and the food was excellent - and so the music - and meeting up with friends is always a pleasure!

The birthday "child" Graham
The boys - Sven and Steve
And the girls - Maj, Sue and the pro´s wife
And the Barry White-copy singing old romantic songs
The birthday cakes with "fire sticks"
Steve, Graham and me in an interesting chat

torsdag 20 november 2014

Christmas feeling

Today Sven decided to give us some Christmas feeling - although we have summer temperatures here  during the days.The sun reaches us at seven in the morning - and it is totally dark at six in the evening. Some beautiful pictures from our house with the Christmas lights.....

 From our street at Aphrodite Street 9  
From our living room

lördag 15 november 2014

The Viking Golf final

And of course Sven did win the Men's FINAL 2014 on the 14th of November! Congratulations!

Lars-Åke says "Congratulations" too!
A proud and happy winner!

Visit from Rostock in Germany

We have know Rudi und Gudrun for 25 years. We met when our boys were diving - and he was the trainer for the team of  Rostock. They came for a very quick visit - only two days but we were really structured. Wednesday we went on a bus tour with friends to two wineries with lunch in Omodos And Thursday we were down in the harbour - had lunch at Vardas outside Paphos and the afternoon we spent in the pool - Gudrun - and at the poolside - the rest of us....

Outside Ktima Winery
A Winery we have not visited before
Two dunkeys.....
And here is the name of this Winery
A tasty meze for lunch in Omodos
Happy people on our way home
A moment of rest in the evening
Lunch at Vardas
And a very brave Gudrun!

Visit of Kjellouise

Friends since many years - Sven has known Kjell for almost 50 years - came to visit us for almost a week. We had so much to talk about during the evenings. And not to forget - Kjell bought and brought a new computer for Sven - enableing me to update my blog! Thank you so much!! The days we spent visiting "our" part of Cyprus. We miss them and their company!

The new yellow computer is being installed during the first evening!
Breakfast in the sun
Visiting Tsangarides Winery and Angelos
Happy lunch in Makarios home village
And the wine cellar of Kolios Winery
The square in Omodos - ready for lunch
And a visit at the harbour and the mosaics we also did


Sven and I went with friends to celebrate Halloween at a very nice taverna - and it was a magic evening! We went to have our faces painted in the afternon - and below you will find the result! I must mention that Sven won the price for men and I for the women.....

The Spanberg couple
Our friends Bengt and Aina
Together with Harry and Judy and Dallas and David....
Sven and Petra
Briitta-Liisa with the nurse and the doctor...
Sven get a hugh after having won a bottle of wine
And so did I

Visit to Sweden

On the 17th of October I flew to Sweden for a week to hugh our children and their families. I also went to Landskrona to meet my sister - and finally I took the train to Västervik to check my back at the hospital there and to check Solhäll and our new little guesthouse.

Hugo is a big boy now
Whilst Andr'e is watching him from the floor
Tuva-Li and Hanna-Fia playing with lego
Toril with grandfather
Waiting for the dinner
Jannicke with mother-in-law
Embla takes a photo of the sweets
Our new guest house is under constructon
And here we have the shower and toilet