lördag 15 november 2014

Visiting "the other side"

One day wailst playing bridge we decided to drive ovr the the Turkish side of Cyprus so we spent three days there visiting the absolutely most western part of the north of Cyprus and also Kyrenis. We did drive around all Cyprus. Very interesting trip and fantastic beaches.

We arrived in the evening to our bungalows at the southwest coast
Took a swim in the morning before breakfast
Sooo refreshing
Ready for breakfast
Some goats on our way to Kyrenia
The modern and open part of Farmagusta
And the closed part in ruins
Our very spectacular bed at the hotel in Kyrenia
Enjoying dinner in the harbour of Kyrenia
And SKÅL....
The hotel reception at the Club Z Hotel
A beautiful view on our way back to Paphos
And we stopped for lunch in Pomos

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