lördag 27 december 2014

Christmas at Solhäll

This is our Christmas tree in snow outside our living room at Solhäll. The winds have been rather hard but Sven has tried to straighten it up - not very successfully - though....

The lights of  Västervik over the water....

torsdag 25 december 2014

The 25th of December - Turkey!

We have stayed with all inclusive with Mark and Hanna-Fia since we arrived on the 20th of December. What a service we have had! Today Hanna-Fia served a fantastic turkey and André, Hugo, Anna-Maj - Hanna-Fia´s sister - and her children Elva and Otto - joined us. Anna was in bed with phneumonia...... Tomorrow we are driving back to Solhäll.

Son and Father over a glass of "glögg"
Tuva-Li and Wilhelm - Christmas presents from their Grandparents
A kick-bike
Hanna-Fia´s sister with children Elva and Otto
Wilhelm testing his kick-bike
Hanna-Fia with the FANSTASTIC turkey
André with his son Hugo
Grandfather and Grandson - happy together!

Mark´s family playing with Lego

Wilhelm and Tuva-Li got lots of Lego pieces as Christmas presents and this afternoon they were for hours building girls´ and boys´ "constructions" - train station for the boys and a doll house for the girls. Mark and Hanna-Fia assisted - and so did their cousine Elva.

Boys to the left and girls to the right...
Father and son building the train station

Filip´s and Åsa´s Christmas eve

Filip and Åsa did this year spend Christmas Eve with Åsa´s parents and brother - and so did André with Annas family and Mark with Hanna-Fia´s family.

We got this photo from Filip´s and Åsa´s Christmas dinner. Thank you!

CHRISTMAS - Finally!

Christmas afternoon until late Christmas evening we spent at Jannicke´s and Tobbe´s house together with Tobbe´s parents and my sister Siv. We had soooo much fun! The pictures tell the trouth!

Everybody gathered in front of the TV showing Donald Duck - as always
The Christmas man is here!
The first present from the Christmas man to Embla
Jannicke is "giving out" lots of Christmas presents
Tobbe is a bit confused - what did I get?
Grandfather Göran, Grandmother Maj with sister Siv
Total disaster"
Toril in her high heels trying to get balance
And Embla trying one of her Christmas presents
The Christmas food table is ready
And here is the Chef with the meatballs, sausages and cabbage
Embla making a present to me in black and white
Siv and Sven during the dinner - very tasty!
And Göran and I also enjoying it so much!
And the bracelet is ready - thank you Embla!
Grandmother Anki, Toril and the Chef!
Grandmother and Embla in Emblas new and old outfits....
Embla making a knitted cap - looks like a princesse!
Toril has a sign to show us!

Baking "Lussekatter"

The day before Christmas we went to Jannicke´s family and together with Embla and Toril we did bake about 120 "Lussekatter" for us - eating milk, butter and eggs - and about 25 "Lussekatte" for the "vegans" Filip and Åsa. We all agreed that both were excellent!

Preparing the 120 one´s
And the 25 in a smaller bowle - and what a terrible noise...
Mission completed - relaxing over a glass of beer!

måndag 22 december 2014

Dinner with Mark´s family!

Tonight we had as always a very tasty dinner at Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s place - our "all inclusive place"!! Chicken with peanuts and broccoli and, and and. We loved it!

Wilhelm did not want to be on our picture...
But then he decided - YES!

An afternoon with Urban and Birgitte

We have also known them for a long time and we were invited to their new appartment at the seaside in Lomma. What a view - and what an appartment!

We started once again with the traditional Christmas "glögg", we had a very tasty fish and shrimps dish - and then we played bridge. I once again was aware why I do not play bridge with Sven but Ulla. No more comments!

Checking the cards...


We stay with Hanna-Fia and Mark and we have a two room appartment with our own television and "all inclusive". And Hanna-Fia is always cooking delisious food - so we are spoilt!

Andre came by to say "hallo" and Hugo thought that it was so boring that he fell asleep.

Hugo sleeping just inside the house waiting for his father to get ready.

Visiting friends in Lund

We left the island in the sun on the 7th of December for Solhäll - and did spend some days decorating the housesthere for Christmas.

Last Saturday we drow down to Lund / Malmö to meet our children and grandchildren over a Christmas lunch. Sorry - but the camera was forgotten.

In the evening we were invited for dinner to our close friends since more than 30 years - and we had a lovely and so funny time with them over "glögg", food, wine, brandy - and finally GT at the biljard table. What an evening!

All of us during a fantastic dinner!
Was the photo OK?
Sven is sooo concentrated...
And Per-Åke - my partner - such a good player!
And although Ingrid jumped up on the table - we did win!


lördag 6 december 2014

Christmas Competition

Sven did not take it all at this Shotgun competition at Minthis Hills today - but he was number three amongst 51 golfers so he was rather content - but was still angry that he failed at the 16th hole - his first one - and did land in the water.... Otherwise he would probably had won......

Sven is 65 Euros richer.......

My trainer

My PT was so afraid that I - as strong as I am now - was going to hit him so he bought this "dummy" that I was fighting with today. Good fun both for me and him!

Hitting this time with my elbows
And then punshing the "dummy"  20  times - seems easy - but try it yourselves

And Christmas dinner

Sue & Steve invited us for a fantstic Christmas dinner yesterday in their so Christmas decorated house to say Goodbye to everything we have done together in 2014 as we will not meet until February 2015... We will miss each other!

Sven is envoious of their beautiful Christmas tree - we have none as we leave at 02.00 this night for Sweden..
Together over a glass of Champagne
And we wish us all a very Merry Christmas