torsdag 25 december 2014

CHRISTMAS - Finally!

Christmas afternoon until late Christmas evening we spent at Jannicke´s and Tobbe´s house together with Tobbe´s parents and my sister Siv. We had soooo much fun! The pictures tell the trouth!

Everybody gathered in front of the TV showing Donald Duck - as always
The Christmas man is here!
The first present from the Christmas man to Embla
Jannicke is "giving out" lots of Christmas presents
Tobbe is a bit confused - what did I get?
Grandfather Göran, Grandmother Maj with sister Siv
Total disaster"
Toril in her high heels trying to get balance
And Embla trying one of her Christmas presents
The Christmas food table is ready
And here is the Chef with the meatballs, sausages and cabbage
Embla making a present to me in black and white
Siv and Sven during the dinner - very tasty!
And Göran and I also enjoying it so much!
And the bracelet is ready - thank you Embla!
Grandmother Anki, Toril and the Chef!
Grandmother and Embla in Emblas new and old outfits....
Embla making a knitted cap - looks like a princesse!
Toril has a sign to show us!

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