onsdag 28 januari 2015

Next "overnight"

Life at its best!
After the lunch in Laröd we continued to Vejbystrand to visit Göran and Lena for the first time in their new house "on the water". Beautiful! Once again we celebrated the birth of our sixth grandchild with fantastic food and so tasty drinks and wines.

Leaving Lund Visiting Laröd

When we left Lund on Monday morning we stopped for lunch at friends in Laröd - just outside Helsingborg in the very south of Sweden. Sven and Kjell did study together at the university of Lund and have known each other for ages! Kjell and Louise are very dear friends - and the lunch was so tasty!

We really do enjoy old friends and we had a most pleasant afternoon!

Our latest Grandchild

Our beautiful "doll"!
Me together with Andrés´ family
So - our sixth Grandchild was born during our evening in Täby at 17.38 on Saturday the 24th of January - 3,300 kilos and 48 cm tall - and of course we drove 600 kilometres from Stockholm to Lund on Sunday the 25th of January in the morning to welcome her. She was only one day old when we met her - but so beautiful!

Anna with a hungry child - one day old....
Grandfather entertaining big brother Hugo
Holding her for the first time! What a feeling of LOVE!

From Tumba to Täby / Stockholm

I lost this stop in my update of my blog - but as we say - better late than never.... 

We left our friends Aina and Bengt in Tumba and drove to the nothern part ot Stockholm - visiting friends - Christer and Lotta - whom Sven has known since 1974 when Christer and Sven were colleagues at the Swedish Chambre of Commerce in Paris - and my friends too since Sven and I married in 1976.

During a fantastic dinner our son Andr'e phoned and "announced" that our sixth grandchild was born - a girl! And what a beauty! Of course we were served champagne to celebrate! I was so excited so - only two photos.....
Our dear friends Lotta and Christer
And the very beautiful and so tasty dessert!

Visit in Tumba / Stockholm

Friday the 23rd of January we left Västervik to visit Aina and Bengt in Stockholm. We had a fantastic lunch - were invited to a very funny show in the evening - and I do not remember when I laughed that much!

As we had such a good time together I forgot to take pictures - I even did forget my almost unused camera at their place so we had to drive back to pick it up - but the end of the show and waiting for Bengt to pick us up in their car to drive us back to their house - that I did catch!

Back from the show we had snaps and herring and....... and we did not go to bed until 02.00 the next morning!

The show is over....
And we are waiting for Bengt to pick us up

måndag 19 januari 2015

Sven bought me a "maid"

A couple of days ago Sven came home with this little present - running around cleaning the floors and carpets whilst I was just sittning down watching "it". What a husband I have! I would like him to buy one of "those" for Cyprus too.

So perfect!

Don´t you think that too?

Dinner with friends at Solhäll

Last Saturday we invited some friends in Västervik for turky - bought in Lund and travelled with us to Solhäll. It was really worth the "trouble" carrying it all the way. As always when we meet friends here we had a very lovely evening!

Dinner is ready!
Björn and I enjoying our company
Sven is fixing the "bar"
And we were served whisky and brandy
Men´s talk

tisdag 13 januari 2015

Hugo skiing

We got this picture of our grandson Hugo - Andrés and Annas son - when the whole family was skiing in the north of Sweden last week. However Hugo seems only to be skiing indoors - but never the less he seems to be a very happy skier!


måndag 12 januari 2015

"Knutsbalen" in Lund

For the 29th year we were enjoying ourselves together with about 400 friends at the Gala Evening at Grand Hotel in Lund drinking and eating fabulous tasty drinks and food.

As always we were invited to a close friend for "nattamat" meaning eating and drinking in the middle of the night when you are neither hungry nor thirsty but still eat and drink!

We are dressed up - and ready for "take off" with taxi driver Mark.
The men are entering the ball room whilst the ladys are already sitting waiting for all handsome men
Sven´s table at the dinner
And mine..
The Chef of "Nattamat" together with his assistent Johan

Tuva-Li 5,5 years


  • Embla is a big girl now - number four on the left hand side

  • Meeting family and friends at The Old Bull in Lund

    Last Friday we took the train to Lund from Västervik to meet family and friends at The Old Bull in Lund. Family was Jannicke, Mark, Sven´s cousin Ulf with wife Ulla, my cousin Ingvar with partner Britt-Marie and his son Dennis with wife Tina and Filip´s parents in law Marie and Anders.

    We had a fantastic evening together!

    Friends and family

    Only family - Mark, Jannicke, Dennis, Tina, Anders and Marie
    Sven´s cousin Ulf with wife Ulla
    We together with our dear frien Per-Åke