onsdag 28 januari 2015

From Tumba to Täby / Stockholm

I lost this stop in my update of my blog - but as we say - better late than never.... 

We left our friends Aina and Bengt in Tumba and drove to the nothern part ot Stockholm - visiting friends - Christer and Lotta - whom Sven has known since 1974 when Christer and Sven were colleagues at the Swedish Chambre of Commerce in Paris - and my friends too since Sven and I married in 1976.

During a fantastic dinner our son Andr'e phoned and "announced" that our sixth grandchild was born - a girl! And what a beauty! Of course we were served champagne to celebrate! I was so excited so - only two photos.....
Our dear friends Lotta and Christer
And the very beautiful and so tasty dessert!

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