tisdag 10 februari 2015

No snow today....

But a fantastic sunset from our livingroom! Our plans for our new house to be built on our proporty are proceeding - and we are so happy about that! Finally - we will have space for all our children with families at Solhäll!

What fantastic colours in the sunset

onsdag 4 februari 2015

Solhäll - finally in snow!

When I woke up this morning Solhäll was in snow. So beautiful!

Our guesthouse
View from our living room

Kitchen view
And finally Solhäll in snow

måndag 2 februari 2015

Sunday the 1st of February

Today we celebrated Wilhelm who turned 7 years on the 22nd of January with a brunch that was sooo fantistic both for the eyes and the taste!

And in the late afternoon we took the train back to Solhäll - rather tired.....

Hanna-Fia with her father and her two sisters
Tuva-Li and Wilhelm with their cousines - Anna-Maja´s children
Jannicke and Embla - Toril had fever so she was at home with Tobbe
Grandfather playing with Hugo
Sisters in law and of course Egon

Saturday the 31st of January

We had lunch in Malmö with old friends who have moved from Västervik to Malmö some years ago. So happy they were able to meet us!

In the evening we were invited to Anna and André to celebrate their newborn babydaughter and our son´s 38th birthday. Jannicke with family had other plans this day as the planning was very "short" and so did Filip and Åsa - but Mark and his family were there. The baby came almost two weeks too early so it is not easy to gather our big family with short notice.

We enjoyed a lovely fish soupe and fruit sallad!

Proud grandmother and father and a beautiful baby
Hugo - a big brother now - swinging in the rings
Hugo and Tuva-Li playing
And Wilhelm helping oncle André in the kitchen
With open eyes
Hugo with his little sister - so concentrated to hold her

Visiting Lund again

Friday last week we took the train from Västervik to Lund again to celebrate Wilhelm 7 years old, our nameless newborn grandchild and her father André 38th birthday

Friday evening upon arrival grandfather played with Tuva-Li before we went to The John Bull Pub where we met Filip and Åsa and Åsa´s brother Mårten over some beer and wine. A nice evening!

Grandfather and Tuva-Li finding pieces for the puzzle
Nice beer and wine!