söndag 29 mars 2015

Tulip Festival in Polemi

Today we went to Polemi - a neighbour village - to enjoy the blossom of wild tulips - the only place in Cyprus where they grow. The village was really livid with local music and dansing. Our spring has been rather cold so we did not see all the fields filled with tulips but we found some. But we had to rush back as the sky became darker and darker and we just reached Olympus Village when it started to rain heavy....

A "flower" amongst flowers...
Not many tulips in blossom yet - but still beautiful
Watching the rain clouds come closer and closer

lördag 28 mars 2015

Dinner at Olympus Village

Yesterday we had a lovely evening - ending this morning at 01.30 - together with our Swedish friends Anders & Goggi and Bengt & Aina! They just arrived in Cyprus so we had so much to talk about!

The beautiful ladies......
Together with Anders, Bengt and Sven
A G&T after dinner for the "boys"
The whole "team" just before leaving in the middle of the night

torsdag 26 mars 2015

Cooking and bridge

Yesterday late afternoon we invited four of our friends for cooking and bridge. So whilst we ladies were enjoying playing bridge the men were cooking in our kitchen a three-courses dinner for all of us! It was really a fantastic concept! Sven did plan the meny and Evert brought excellent wines.

We ladies were so impressed both by the very tasty food with fantastic presentations and the delicious wines! And we ladies also did enjoy our bridge!

The cooking team
And the bridge group
Bridge ladies in action
Waiting for the dinner to be served
The boys in action
Evert preparing the dessert
And Sven the meat

Look at the presentation of the main course! Impressing!

And preparing the dessert

And the starter was a very tasty salad soupe.

We ladies say "Thank you" to the boys for a fatastic evening!

måndag 16 mars 2015

A wine and beer tour around Pafos

After an akupunture this morning by Eva we went for a wine and beer tasting tour visiting Tsangarides, Kolios, a very nice taverna in Pano Panagia and the Makarios museum - so we had good wines, country side food and wines, some culture and finally some beer in a brewery just outside Tsada. A lovely day in full sunshine!

Tasting wines at our favourite winery Tsangarides only 10 minutes from our house
And at Kolios 1,000 meters over the sea leval with a stunning view!
"Our" taverna in Pano Panagio with the owners
Me and Eva outside the Makarios Museum
And finally our beer tasting at Aphrodite`s Rock Brewing Company close to where we live

söndag 8 mars 2015

Visit from Sweden

Eva - a close friend that I have known since I was 16 years old is here with her husband in Paphos for a month playing golf . And we had so much to talk about during our dinner yesterday......

Enjoying time together

söndag 1 mars 2015

Visit by André and Mark

Our last week in Sweden André and Mark visited us at Solhäll and we spent so much quality time together. And our grandchildren also do love to be there.

The "doll" is three weeks old and sleeping safely in my lap
André´s family  at dinner upon arrival
Hugo is helping Grandfather chopping wood
And he really did enjoy it
Now also Mark has arrived with his children. Tuva-Li on the wall outside Solhäll
Lunch for Wilhelm and Tuva-Li
Mother and son Mark
Grandfather and Tuva-Li playing with the Ipad
It is soooo tireing
Whilst Wilhelm and Grandmother still are plying