torsdag 26 mars 2015

Cooking and bridge

Yesterday late afternoon we invited four of our friends for cooking and bridge. So whilst we ladies were enjoying playing bridge the men were cooking in our kitchen a three-courses dinner for all of us! It was really a fantastic concept! Sven did plan the meny and Evert brought excellent wines.

We ladies were so impressed both by the very tasty food with fantastic presentations and the delicious wines! And we ladies also did enjoy our bridge!

The cooking team
And the bridge group
Bridge ladies in action
Waiting for the dinner to be served
The boys in action
Evert preparing the dessert
And Sven the meat

Look at the presentation of the main course! Impressing!

And preparing the dessert

And the starter was a very tasty salad soupe.

We ladies say "Thank you" to the boys for a fatastic evening!

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