onsdag 22 april 2015

Three beautiful ladies inviting a single man for lunch!

I had a lovely day together with my "girlfriends" Aina and Maina visiting Per Nehler in Vouni inviting him for lunch! Aina was a fantastic driver - especially in the village of Vouni where the streets are built for donkies and not for Aina´s big car - a BMW X 5! We did have only a couple of centimeters at each side of the car but she did manage these narrow roads in  a FANTASTIC way! I must say that I am impressed!

Per, Aina, Maina and myself had a lovely afternoon at the Alexander Tavern in Vouni!

Maina, Aina, me and Per during our most tasty lunch

söndag 19 april 2015

Bridge and cooking

And this time we were invited o Åke and Brit. We "girls" played bridge - at least thre of us - I had myself total "brain drainage" and the "boys were cooking for all of us! I nice concept!

We got shrimps on a toast, deer steak and icecreme with

A lovely evening with fabulous wines!

The boys" in action - Ingemar
and Åke...
and Sven - I missed Evert....

Dinner in Geroskipou

It is mid April and the Swedes living in Cyprus tend to long for the Swedish spring and summer. However summer we have already and finally in Cuprus so we all want to meet before we leave. Sven and I will still be here in Paphos until the 27th of May.

Yester we were invited to Mats and Yvonne Pårup together with known and unknown people. A lovely evening with the best Meze I have tasted here in Cyprus.

The host and hostess welcoming us

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Sven and Yvone
Maj and Mats
The chef and one of the three tables

And I say "Thank you for the music....."

Dinner at Imperial

We were invited by Göran and Lena to the best Chinese restaurant in Paphos together with Evert and Anita. The foods and wines were really fantastic!

Close friends....

söndag 12 april 2015

Dinner with friends yesterday and Sven and Bengt they day after. at the tennis court..

Yesterday we were invited to close friends not far away from our house but it took me "ages" to drive home around twelve o´clock in the middle of the night as we are celebrating Easter here this weekend and the ceremony in the churches was over at exactly the time when I started to drive home. Lots of people - and cars - on the roads but very fantastic seeing all those people leaving the churches with lights... As I was driving I was not able to take any photos of this fantastic event - and my co-driver was too tired....

The dinner was fantastic starting with champagne to go with chocolate dipped strawberries, salmon, shirmps and avocado, lamb and pork and a fantastic icecreme - and the dinner was served with fantastic wines. We say THANK you to Angela and Dan!

The hostess in the middle arranging this fantatic dinner!
Sven really is enjoying the dinner together with Inger!
And so I am in between those lovely men - Bengt and Leif

He is to be the tennis partner of Sven tomorrow - and he really thought of that during the evening....
And I was there watching them - and Bengt is a fantastic tennis player!

You - are the WINNER - Bengt!

torsdag 9 april 2015

Hail stones in Olympus Village!

Instead of sun beams in our sunny Cyprus hail stones came down from our normally so blue sky... Unbelievable - so we had to take a picture to convince ourselves that this was the truth and nothing but the truth..... But it was still 10 degrees outside so they did melt very quickly!

And the hail stones were biiiig!

Aspargus at Tsangarides Winery

Yesterday we were invited by our close friends Evert and Anita to an "aspargus festival" to celebrate that sping is finally here - or summer here in Cyprus for you living in Sweden! The different aspurgus dishes were superb - and the wines to go with them were exquisit! Angelos - the owner of Tsangarides Winery let us taste all of his wines to go with the different dishes! The weather has been rather windy and cold - compared to what we normally expect living in Cyprus - but this evening the sky was blue and the temperature did show over 20 degrees! We did have a fantastic evening! Look at the pictures below - and you believe me....

Me and Sven`s "twin" Dan
And Sven with Dan´s wife Angela
Some other guests....

And others.....
And the hostess and host together with the owner of the winery Angelos

måndag 6 april 2015

Lunch with Sue

Sven was playing golf in Tsada and Steve was working in their garden - and Sue and I decided to go out for lunch this wonderful sunny day!

And we did have two glasses of wine to go with a tuna salad at  this sunny beach restaurant! Life is OK for the moment!

lördag 4 april 2015

Swedish Easter with friends in Apollo Beach

Here in Cyprus we do not celebrate Easter until next week so last night we were invited to celebrate the Swedish Easter with friends. We had a fantastic evening with lots of herring and of course "Janssons frestelse", meatballs and everything else that belongs to our Swedish traditional Easter kitchen - and of course "snaps" to go with the food!

Ready to go for the Easter buffé

And so were these two ladies.....
Bengt and me in a very serious discussion
And so are Gunnel and Anders.....

Whilst Aina, Sven and Goggi are smiling
Friends for ever

Three out of four ladies...
Anders and the host Bengt


At our shop were we buy all our vegetables I have seen those snails trying to escape the box - and today I brought my camera to take a picture.....

Very cheap....... Are they not - and very fresh!