söndag 12 april 2015

Dinner with friends yesterday and Sven and Bengt they day after. at the tennis court..

Yesterday we were invited to close friends not far away from our house but it took me "ages" to drive home around twelve o´clock in the middle of the night as we are celebrating Easter here this weekend and the ceremony in the churches was over at exactly the time when I started to drive home. Lots of people - and cars - on the roads but very fantastic seeing all those people leaving the churches with lights... As I was driving I was not able to take any photos of this fantastic event - and my co-driver was too tired....

The dinner was fantastic starting with champagne to go with chocolate dipped strawberries, salmon, shirmps and avocado, lamb and pork and a fantastic icecreme - and the dinner was served with fantastic wines. We say THANK you to Angela and Dan!

The hostess in the middle arranging this fantatic dinner!
Sven really is enjoying the dinner together with Inger!
And so I am in between those lovely men - Bengt and Leif

He is to be the tennis partner of Sven tomorrow - and he really thought of that during the evening....
And I was there watching them - and Bengt is a fantastic tennis player!

You - are the WINNER - Bengt!

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