måndag 25 maj 2015

Barbecue at Sven Spånberg´s väg

Yesterday we invited our dear friends Calle & Gerd-Louise and Sue & Steve for a barbecue and we had a lovely evening in fantastic weather! The pictures talk for themselves!

The table is laid for the first glass of wine - with blankets as a precaution...
But we did not need them!
Steve testing my balance ball but he had to hold on to the table
My precious friend Sue - always looking fantastic!
In the middle of the night - Calle and Gerd-Louise.

lördag 23 maj 2015

Ladies summer lunch at Olympus Village

Sven is playing "Cyprus Amateur Open" during three days so I invited five of my lovlely female friends for lunch. Three of them were able to come and we had a LOVELY afternoon in the sunshine! Chatting, chatting and chatting again!

Sue brought a bottle of pink champagne - and Chrissy opened it
And Sue served it to us all - very tasty!
And then we had some salmon - and after that some fruits.
And then we  were really relaxed!

torsdag 21 maj 2015

Moulin Rouge Evening at Minthis Hills

We picked up Sue and Steve this evening and met our close friends Calle and Gerd-Louise at the Minthis Golf Club for a Moulin Rouge evening together. A very pleasant evening with fantastic food, tasty wines and good entertainment!

 All of us!
Calle, Gerd-Louise and Sue watching the entertainment
And so did Sven and Steve...
A happy Sven waiting for the challenge of Cyprus Open starting tomorrow

And Steve is giving him some good tips....

tisdag 19 maj 2015

What a weather we have!

Early this morning when we woke up after a very nice evening with Sue and Steve and some other Swedish and English friends the thermometer showed 27.8 degrees in the shadow! If you do not believe me - look at the pictures below!

27.8 degrees at the back of our house
And here at the low left cornere is the thermometer placed
And it was at 07.11!

söndag 17 maj 2015

Harmony in colours

Sue and Steve picked us up this evening for an event for charity at the Kamares Club. The dinner and the entertainment was OK, the wines were really nice - and I did win one of the first raffle prices and that did really save our evening!

Sue and Steve
Maj and Sven
And me with the box I did win!

lördag 16 maj 2015

Our garden this Saturday morning

I felt so happy in our garden this morning watering our plants so I had to take som pictures -and I let them talk for themselves.....

tisdag 12 maj 2015

The 12th of May

The electricity was lost this morning and I was not able to serve our guests coffee. And what happend! Bernt being an old boy scout found a solution - he turned on our grill - so we got our coffee and toasts.

Bernt preparing the coffee and toasts on the grill this morning
And now preparing the wine testing tonight
And we had three glasses each.....Fantasic

måndag 11 maj 2015

Lunch in Latchi

After breakfast we drove down to Kato Paphos for some shopping - and then we went to Latchi harbour for lunch and we did visit the bath of Aphrodite. Another very enjoyable day with our dear friends!

Breakfast time in the sunhine outside our kitchen
And lunch in the harbour of Latchi
Aphrodite´s bath is not big but very green...
Aphrodite and Adonis - a perfect photo taken by Bernt!
And Sven is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this historical place...

Party at Olympus Village

We were invited to a fantastic dinner party with "schnaps" and tastes of Swedish food. We are so lucky having all those fantastic friends!

A "skål" for absent fiends!
Margaretha and Sven - a toast for Gunnel and Björn
Me and Steve - close friends

lördag 9 maj 2015

A late afternoon at the poolside

Some snacks at the poolside after a busy day!

And we did enjoy it!

An evening at the Misofougaro Tavern

Yesterday evening we spent together with our friends from Västervik and friends from Stockholm living here in Cyprus only a couple of houses away at the Misofougaros tavern in our neighbour village Mesogi. We had a very amusing evening with Cyprus food, wines and dances.

All of us enjoying the evening
Sven is serving the red wine from a local winery
And we say"thank you"
The girls are dancing together
And boys and girls are dancing
And boys are dancing together

fredag 8 maj 2015

Visit from Västervik

Since we left Sweden end of February we have looked forward to the visit of two couples from Västervik visiting Cyprus for the first time! However one couple was not able to join us but Bernt and Margaretha arrived on Wednesday and yesterday we just had to show them "our" winery. So we spent 2,5 hours testing Tsangarides wines and after some hours at the poolside we went to "our" golf course Minthis Hills invited by the club for a "Meet & Greet" party. What a day!

We are enjoing the wine testing at Tsangarides
And the boys checking the prices of the wines.....
Angelos is so proud of his winery - and he should be!
Four friends in the wine cellar....
Here we have our first drink at Minthis Hills with UK-friends
Margaretha and I are enjoying a free glass of wine
And the buffé