fredag 8 maj 2015

Visit from Västervik

Since we left Sweden end of February we have looked forward to the visit of two couples from Västervik visiting Cyprus for the first time! However one couple was not able to join us but Bernt and Margaretha arrived on Wednesday and yesterday we just had to show them "our" winery. So we spent 2,5 hours testing Tsangarides wines and after some hours at the poolside we went to "our" golf course Minthis Hills invited by the club for a "Meet & Greet" party. What a day!

We are enjoing the wine testing at Tsangarides
And the boys checking the prices of the wines.....
Angelos is so proud of his winery - and he should be!
Four friends in the wine cellar....
Here we have our first drink at Minthis Hills with UK-friends
Margaretha and I are enjoying a free glass of wine
And the buffé

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