tisdag 2 juni 2015

Christening of Sven HUGO and Inga KARIN the 30th of May

So we left Cyprus for the summer in Sweden on the 27th of May - and on the 29th we left Solhäll for participating in the christening on Sven HUGO and Inga KARIN - Andres and Annas children. It was a fantastic day - and as always - the pictures speak for themselves!

Our beautiful daughter in law with our grandchild KARIN
Mark & Hanna-Fia for Karin and Hampus and Fay for Hugo
Anna reading a special text for Karin and Hugo
The Godparents blessing Hugo and Karin
Göran - the Grandfather of Hugo and Karin - helping to fill up the water...
The Godparents
And the fantastic family Skytte / Spånberg
Sven HUGO -- I name you in the name of God
And Mark is holding Inga KARIN...
And Karin is Hanna-Fia´s and Mark´s God child

Hugo was so brave when he got his name - Sven HUGO
Filip and Åsa - on the 16th of June they have been married for three years. Our congratulations!
And Anna sang FANTASTIC for her children!
Father and son and daughter in law Åsa

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