tisdag 30 juni 2015

Visit to our dear friends in Rostock

We met Rudi 25 years ago when his team from Rostock was participating in a diving competition in Lund and after "die Wende" did we meet his wife Gudrun too. Since then we have been close friends - we have been visiting them many times in Rostock and they us in Lund, Västervik and Cyprus.

Last Saturday Gudrun celebrated her 70th birthday and of course we were there! We took the ferry from Trelleborg very early in the morning and were picked up by Rudi. After some glasses of champagne, clothes changing the party began - and what a party! Fine und Lene - two of ther five grandchildren performed and they are fantastic! Some pictures from the PARTY!

And at 11.00 Sunday morning we left Rostock - and we were happy to be able to sleep for seven hours on the ferry before we arrived in Trelleborg - and at 23.00 - twelve hours after leaving Rostock we were back at Solhäll again after a fantastic birthday party in Rostock!

We say "Congratulations" to Gudrun
And what a buffe.....
I had to take two pictures of it...
Thomas - their oldest son - was the bartender
Gudrun and Rudi - also celebrating 50 years as a married couple!
Fine in her beautiful dress
Ladies dansing "The dansing queen"
I really did have time to brush up my German
Also with the excellent bartender
And also Sven did!
A big hugh from me to Gudrun!

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