fredag 31 juli 2015

Mark´s family sailing off

Mark and Hanna-Fia decided to take a picknick and a bike tour at the island of Hasselö and we waved them off. Egon does not like boating so he is staying with us - helping Sven to build a "fence" under the balcony outside our kitchen. And tonight - or tomorrow morning André and his family will arrive! We are so happy!

Bikes are on board - and secured
The whole family is on board and we and Egon are waving them off

And Mark did forget his life jacket so they hade to make a detour to pick it up
Mark has really been working hard with our small Buster - now named "H-Anna"
Egon checking Sven if he is doing OK?

torsdag 30 juli 2015

Visit to Idö and seal safari

Together with Mark and his family, Hanna-Fia´s sister with children and Hanna-Fia´s parents we took the boat to Idö for coffee and icecreme one of the days when the sun was shining for a couple of hours. It was a very nice trip - but no seals were spotted.....

Getting on board
Tuva-Li and Wilhelm - not raining but freezing cold from the start
The captain
At the back - me and Lars-Torgny and Helena
Mark and Tuva-Li
And then Idö in the sun!
A rest for the captain
Whilst the children were playing in the harbour

måndag 27 juli 2015

Mark is doing a fantastic job - here at the beach

Since Mark and his wife Hanna-Fia arrived a week ago they have been working so hard to "upgrade" their house here at Solhäll!

They have taken away a wall between the kitchen and the living room and they have been painting, and painting and painting the wooden walls in a white colour. What a "lift" to the house! Pictures will follow!

And today Mark was cleaning up our beach! They do have a lot of energy!

And this is our house!

After years of discussions Sven yesterday got the key to his house buying out his sister and her children from the right using it! What a happy day! So - no new building at Solhäll - but lots of redecoration is needed - but still - the house is ours to use - FINALLY!

We are so happy having come to an agreement - where both parts are satisfied!

This is the house!
And this is the livingroom
And the dinner table

The tiny kitchen
"Master" bedroom...

Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3

And bedroom 4
The bathroom with a shower
And the entrance....

söndag 26 juli 2015

Left overs..

After our fantastic lunch yesterday we had sooo much delicious food and for lunch our son Mark with wife and children, Hanna-Fia´s sister with husband and children and Hanna-Fia´s parents joined us for lunch! And we still have plenty of food....

If you are hungry - our kitchen in Västervik is open!

The children´s table
And the table for the parents......

And FINALLY we got the KEY!

We have been working for a long time to take over "our" house and finally we came to an agreement with Sven´s sister. Champagne!

After eight years we have the key!!!!

What a PARTY!

We did invite 32 people to our summer party at Solhäll - but "only" 22 were able to come - and Sven did thank the people that were not able to join us as we - due to heavy rain - had to move indoors. The maximum is 26 so we would have been able to welcome another couple.

The food was excellent - I say that as I did not cook myself - and all of us had a fabulous time - I do hope!

Me - preparing to polish the silver and lay the table
And this is the result
Sven opening the wine bottles.....
And our guests have arrived...
Almost all of our Västervik friends.
I do hope that they had as much fun as we did!
Seems so......
The food....
And the cheese....

And the cakes
It was a lunch - but still in the dawn we have a fantastic time with friends
in our holiday home in Västervik
The party is over
And this is not our drink table - but presents from our guest!

söndag 19 juli 2015

And raindrops keep falling on my head.....

A rather common view from Solhäll over the water and Västervik at the other side this summer....

Looking out through the window in our living room

And outside - no sign of Västervik

fredag 17 juli 2015

Five days with our daughter and her children!

Jannicke arrived last Saturday with Toril. Embla had been here for a week when her mother and sister arrived and we had fantastic days together! The photos do tell the truth!

Lunch in Västervik whilst Sven is playing golf

Mother and daughter...

Embla showing off
And Sven preparing "Majsan" for a trip
The "bucket show" upside down with Toril and Embla
And the "correct" way! Embla is so brave
A sausage on the steps in the sun
Solhäll from the sea
And Embla and Toril sailing around Gränsö in Majsan
Supper in the sun
A visit to Astid Lindgren´s world in Vimmerby and Toril was soooo lucky! The winner takes it all!
The house of Emil and Ida in Lönneberga
A rest - coffee for us and icecream for Toril and Embla
Playing after dinner...
View from Solhäll in the sunset
And Toril and Embla was testing limbo in the sunset