tisdag 7 juli 2015

120 year party

We were invited to a 120 year party by Mark´s parents in law and we had a great time. The family Spånberg are not at all any singers but the family of Hanna-Fia are! so it sas fantastic food, champagne throughout all evening except for red wine to go with the cheese. Lots of music and dancing to old folk music!

Grandchildren Tuva-Li, Elva, Wilhelm and Otto are entertaining together with the twins in black and white
André with Hanna-Fias sister Anna-Maj
Sven is hiding behind the flower but Mark is in the middle of the picture
Mark held an amazing speach to his parents in law. So proud we were!
Lars-Torgny and Helelena in the middle performed for us with friends!
And the three daughter - Hanna-Fia, Anna-Maj and Lotten with their speach to their parent.

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