måndag 13 juli 2015

Embla and Toril and Jannicke

Finally I have my three girls here - Jannicke, Embla and Toril! Mark will arrive in a week with his wife Hanna-Fia and Wilhelm and Tuva-Li and in another week André will also be here with his Anna together with Hugo, Karin and Elsa!

We have had so much fun so far .... and we have still three days to go...

Embla playing Yatzy with her grand parents... and she did win!
A glass of wine with my daughter
And Toril - this blond beautilful grandchild....
And Embla...... I would really pay a lot to get a piece of her hair....
Toril and Embla playing with the toys their mother and their oncles were paying with years ago....
And we were able to relax
My daughter together with her girls
The biggest snail we ever saw
And the smallest one

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