onsdag 8 juli 2015

Embla at Solhäll

Sunday afternoon we picked up our oldest granddaughter Embla in Malmö so for a week it will only be the three of us before our daughter Jannicke will arrive with Emblas little sister Toril.

Embla is like a fish in the water and although it was so cold and so windy yesterday she did swim. Brrrrr! Even our kajak did blow away and the winds were up to 20 m/sec.

You do not see much of her...

As she was under the water most of the time...
And here only her legs
Sven taking care of the "run away" kajak

She spent the day with a friend´s family and came home with a small fish that she had caught - and the rest of the strawberry paj she hade made for them.

The paj and the fish
Ice creame after an icy swim - unbelievable!

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