fredag 17 juli 2015

Five days with our daughter and her children!

Jannicke arrived last Saturday with Toril. Embla had been here for a week when her mother and sister arrived and we had fantastic days together! The photos do tell the truth!

Lunch in Västervik whilst Sven is playing golf

Mother and daughter...

Embla showing off
And Sven preparing "Majsan" for a trip
The "bucket show" upside down with Toril and Embla
And the "correct" way! Embla is so brave
A sausage on the steps in the sun
Solhäll from the sea
And Embla and Toril sailing around Gränsö in Majsan
Supper in the sun
A visit to Astid Lindgren´s world in Vimmerby and Toril was soooo lucky! The winner takes it all!
The house of Emil and Ida in Lönneberga
A rest - coffee for us and icecream for Toril and Embla
Playing after dinner...
View from Solhäll in the sunset
And Toril and Embla was testing limbo in the sunset

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