söndag 26 juli 2015

What a PARTY!

We did invite 32 people to our summer party at Solhäll - but "only" 22 were able to come - and Sven did thank the people that were not able to join us as we - due to heavy rain - had to move indoors. The maximum is 26 so we would have been able to welcome another couple.

The food was excellent - I say that as I did not cook myself - and all of us had a fabulous time - I do hope!

Me - preparing to polish the silver and lay the table
And this is the result
Sven opening the wine bottles.....
And our guests have arrived...
Almost all of our Västervik friends.
I do hope that they had as much fun as we did!
Seems so......
The food....
And the cheese....

And the cakes
It was a lunch - but still in the dawn we have a fantastic time with friends
in our holiday home in Västervik
The party is over
And this is not our drink table - but presents from our guest!

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