måndag 31 augusti 2015

Our balcony at Solhäll...

 We arrived in Sweden end of May and all June the "raindrops kept falling on my head" and also on our roof of Solhäll... So during our Midsummer celebration with Sue and Steve the rain also started to fall on our heads indoors - and especially it fell from our crystal chandelier in our livingroom! Finally we found out that the water came from a leak at our balcony outside our bedroom. So what to do?

We had to pull it down - and since the beginning of July Sven and our friend Rolf has been working to replace it. Pulling it down was no problem - but building it up again has taken so far two months - but now - when we leave for Cyprus tomorrow - it is almost finished - only some painting to do.

It was VERY heavy to carry the new stolpes to the new fence
And Sven showed us that he is very strong!

And all the "stolpes"are put on place
Today´s picture - it only needs painting now. We have - for any reason - one white "S"..

tisdag 25 augusti 2015

Filip and I

Filip took the train from Malmö to Västervik yesterday and we had a most interesting evening. We - Filip and myself - went to bed just before two in the morning. We had so much to talk about!

This morning after breakfast we took a walk together whilst Sven was away playing golf - the longest I have done in more than a year! And I only slipped once... and Filip and my back said "go on - go on"!

Mother and son at Skanvik - the other side of Gränsö
A fantastic view over the cliffs
Filip - and I - in the blueberries wood

fredag 21 augusti 2015

"Old" close friends visiting Solhäll

When Sven was working in Paris in 1974 -1975 he met Lotta and Christer Wessel and since then they have been very close friends and - and mine too since 1975 when I did meet Sven. They came to visit us at Solhäll during two of the absolutly best days of the whole summer! And as we do not meet them very often we did enjoy their company! Latest we visited them in Stockholm and I remember when because it was the day our latest grandchild Karin was born - on the 24th of January! Champagne was served in the afternoon when we arrived and also in the evening to celebrate Karin.

Dinner in the sun upon arrival
Sooo much to discuss
And Christer and I are listening in the sunset
And later the same evening - still talking...
And we are still listening....
A visit to the Spånberg family grave in Ankarsrum

And the church that Sven´s grandfather bought and donated to the city of Ankarsrum

Sven and Lotta are taking a boat trip to Västervik

Afterwards we are having a drink - still in the sun

And we say "good bye" after two days
Drive carefully!

onsdag 19 augusti 2015

Crayfish party

We were invited to friends to their island in the archipelago of Västervik and in August you do eat those crayfishes in Sweden - so tasty and - of course not available in Cyprus. We do love this Swedish tradition - like herring and snaps for Midsummer! The crayfishes were caught from their own fishing water, the chanterells to the pie to go with the G&T was also found at their island and so the blueberries for the dessert. A lovely evening!

We started to admire their chickens theyhave as pets

And this "baby chicken" only one day old. We did not eat them!

The G&T


They tasted fantastic!

And so did the blueberries!

And Sven did enjoy them!

tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Maj 69 years old!

My birthday did we celebrate with "fruits de mere" and of course champagne!

"Skål" my darling!

söndag 16 augusti 2015

Sports cars race and exhibition in Västervik

Yesterday we took our Buster to Västervik to see a race of 150 sports cars driving on the roads of central Västervik. We did not see all of them yesterday - but today all of them were exhibited at Gränsö Slott - sports cars from what I saw the 1940th up till now. The most expensive you are able to buy for 1,700,000 Euros.... We took our bikes and enjoyed both the cars and the SUN!

An old Austin Healy Sprite that belongs to a friend - otherwise I would not dare to sit down in it for the photo...
Sven admires a Lotus that he had had when he was younger - though not this one
And the Porsche worth 1,700,000 Euros!

tisdag 11 augusti 2015

Visit to Anita & Evert in Gothenburg

I took once again the train in the morning of the 3rd of August - but this time to Gothenburg. Sven drove from Västervik the same morning and picked me up at the railway station at lunchtime. We were invited for lunch at Evert´s and Anita´s wonderful appartment in the centre of the city.

After a fantastic lunch we took the tram to Liseberg - a big, big "playground" for both children and adults. We played some games - a competition that Sven´s team did win - before we had dinner listening to "Allsång på Liseberg" - a very popular program also sent in the Swedish television. And of course this evening mong others the Swedish winner of the Eurovision son contest 2015 was entertaining us - and of course he did sing "Hero" for us all!

Early next morning we were taken to a fish auktion in the harbour of Gothenburg. Really very interesting!

And whilst the boys were plaing golf we girls took a boat trip around Gothenburg with lunch an a beautiful garden. In the evening we were invited to the most delicious dinner at Evert and Anita. It was fantastic days in wonderful Gothenburg with a hospitality that is hard to explain - but we were really so spoilt!

Meeting our friends after two month...
We are all listening to Anders telling us about their holiday ....
Girls with Calle in the middle
The winning team at Liseberg with team leader Sven
Dinner at Liseberg after the games
Best friends
Listening to the artists
Here outside the restaurant
Three of the artists - Lotta, Måns and Hasse Kvinnaböske
The fish auktion
And what a big fish!
The boat tour around Gotherburg with Goggi´s grandchild
Beautiful bridges with lovely flowers
The very famous Fish church
Farewel dinner - so tasty!
Fantastic food is the word
And we really did enjoy it!!!

Embla 11 years old

I took the train to Malmö early in the morning on the 2nd of August to celebrate Embla´s birthday - and in the evening I took the train to Landskrona to meet my sister Siv. Once again with craw fishes on the menue....

Chatting with Jannicke´s Mother in Law
Embla and Toril did celebrate
So cosy in mother´s lap
And in the evening - Siv is preparing the food