tisdag 11 augusti 2015

Children and grandchildren at Solhäll

When Jannicke with children had left Solhäll Mark with his family arrived - and then André with his family and finally after two months of cold, windy and rainy weather the sun was with us! We had a fantastic time swimming, fishing, boating and last but not least eating all Swedish "fruits" from the sea, sometimes fishes that we had caught ourselves.

Wilhelm and Tuva-Li jumping into the water...
And the big splash!
Dinner at our house
And the children´s table
We bought a new TV
And Hugo is of course there to check
Whilst Karin is kreeping around
André with Anna and children. Elsa has not arrived yet

André and Hugo checking Grandfather changing a window
A new window is put on place
A boat tour with a pick-nick together with friends of Anna and André
So nice in the sun ourside Andrés house
Eating craw fishes - so tasty!
André taking up the net with Elsa rowing
And Karin wathing them from the rocks
What a beautiful morning!
And five fishes did they get - and a free lunch

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