lördag 1 augusti 2015

Dinner in Tindered

We were invited to friends at Tindered - a fantastic place outside Västervik - and what a house and what a view Harald and Nettan have! The food was superb - and so were the beer, the"snaps" and the wines! And the cray fishes were FANTASTIC - I have never ever seen bigger - nor tasted anything close to what we were served yesterday - and I will be 70 years old next year! I am so sorry that I forgot that I had brought my camera until the cray fishes were on the table!

"Snaps" and cray fishes in the middle of the night - a very special Swedish tradition - and so perfect!
"Skål" or "Yamas" or "A votre santé" or whatever - we Wikings cannot eat cray fish without "snaps"
And Sven is really enjoying this "nattamat" meaning food at midnight
And we did enjoy every millimeter of those cray fishes....

Is there still any "snaps" left? We took a taxi back to Solhäll!

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