fredag 21 augusti 2015

"Old" close friends visiting Solhäll

When Sven was working in Paris in 1974 -1975 he met Lotta and Christer Wessel and since then they have been very close friends and - and mine too since 1975 when I did meet Sven. They came to visit us at Solhäll during two of the absolutly best days of the whole summer! And as we do not meet them very often we did enjoy their company! Latest we visited them in Stockholm and I remember when because it was the day our latest grandchild Karin was born - on the 24th of January! Champagne was served in the afternoon when we arrived and also in the evening to celebrate Karin.

Dinner in the sun upon arrival
Sooo much to discuss
And Christer and I are listening in the sunset
And later the same evening - still talking...
And we are still listening....
A visit to the Spånberg family grave in Ankarsrum

And the church that Sven´s grandfather bought and donated to the city of Ankarsrum

Sven and Lotta are taking a boat trip to Västervik

Afterwards we are having a drink - still in the sun

And we say "good bye" after two days
Drive carefully!

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