måndag 31 augusti 2015

Our balcony at Solhäll...

 We arrived in Sweden end of May and all June the "raindrops kept falling on my head" and also on our roof of Solhäll... So during our Midsummer celebration with Sue and Steve the rain also started to fall on our heads indoors - and especially it fell from our crystal chandelier in our livingroom! Finally we found out that the water came from a leak at our balcony outside our bedroom. So what to do?

We had to pull it down - and since the beginning of July Sven and our friend Rolf has been working to replace it. Pulling it down was no problem - but building it up again has taken so far two months - but now - when we leave for Cyprus tomorrow - it is almost finished - only some painting to do.

It was VERY heavy to carry the new stolpes to the new fence
And Sven showed us that he is very strong!

And all the "stolpes"are put on place
Today´s picture - it only needs painting now. We have - for any reason - one white "S"..

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