tisdag 11 augusti 2015

Visit to Anita & Evert in Gothenburg

I took once again the train in the morning of the 3rd of August - but this time to Gothenburg. Sven drove from Västervik the same morning and picked me up at the railway station at lunchtime. We were invited for lunch at Evert´s and Anita´s wonderful appartment in the centre of the city.

After a fantastic lunch we took the tram to Liseberg - a big, big "playground" for both children and adults. We played some games - a competition that Sven´s team did win - before we had dinner listening to "Allsång på Liseberg" - a very popular program also sent in the Swedish television. And of course this evening mong others the Swedish winner of the Eurovision son contest 2015 was entertaining us - and of course he did sing "Hero" for us all!

Early next morning we were taken to a fish auktion in the harbour of Gothenburg. Really very interesting!

And whilst the boys were plaing golf we girls took a boat trip around Gothenburg with lunch an a beautiful garden. In the evening we were invited to the most delicious dinner at Evert and Anita. It was fantastic days in wonderful Gothenburg with a hospitality that is hard to explain - but we were really so spoilt!

Meeting our friends after two month...
We are all listening to Anders telling us about their holiday ....
Girls with Calle in the middle
The winning team at Liseberg with team leader Sven
Dinner at Liseberg after the games
Best friends
Listening to the artists
Here outside the restaurant
Three of the artists - Lotta, Måns and Hasse Kvinnaböske
The fish auktion
And what a big fish!
The boat tour around Gotherburg with Goggi´s grandchild
Beautiful bridges with lovely flowers
The very famous Fish church
Farewel dinner - so tasty!
Fantastic food is the word
And we really did enjoy it!!!

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