onsdag 30 september 2015

A week´s visit to Sweden

With our 7th grandchild born on the 17th of September I took the first flight available to Sweden to greet him - and to meet the other six grandchildren and their parents. I had a LOVELY week - staying with my sister Siv and meeting all my loved once - and other relatives and former colleagues and Filip´s mother and father in law and....... My week in Sweden was fantastic - and Siv drove me around! Thank you Siv!

Siv´s birthday and six cousines
The teddybear I bought our latest grandchild was so BIG compared to him....
Although he was 4.5 kilos heavy and 55 cm tall
And the mother, father and sibblings of the baby boy!

Holding my new grandchild for the first time. So fantastic!

Mark with Tuva-Li holding her little brother - love is in the air!
We had a fantastic lunch in Eslöv at our cousin Ingvar and his partner
And I met some of my former colleagues at Comtax over some glasses of wine....
We had a nice time in Andrés garden with Karin
And Hugo - who lost his shoe somewhere down there....
Dinner at Wärdshuset with Jannicke and Embla...
And Toril...
Toril with her dessert - and she did eat almost all of it. I cannot believe it!
And Embla with her cake.....

fredag 18 september 2015

Our 7th Grandchild has arrived!

Just after midnight on the 17th of Septermber Hanna-Fia´s and Mark´s "viking" was born - 4.6 kilos big. We are so happy - and I fly to Sweden on the 22nd of September to meet him!

So beautiful!
Father and son - love....
And so proud sibblings - Tuva-Li 6 years and Wilhelm 7 years

onsdag 16 september 2015

A cruise in sun and moonlight

Sunday we went out with friends on the cruiser Koula for for hours in fantastic weather. It s so hot here in Cyprus now so the breeze at sea was so nice!

Ladies corner
The boys picking up their beers
And a nice view with a nice couple - Sue and Steve

fredag 11 september 2015

Visit to Vouni and our very close friend Per!

Back in Cyprus we invited Per and his friend Maj-Lis for lunch - and before the lunch we had a wine testing at our favourite wine yard Ayia Mavri! So fantastic! And so was the lunch!

A glass of wine in Vouni
Maj and Per
And the Russians and we at the wine testing...
The wines we did test!

torsdag 3 september 2015

BACK to warm and sunny Cyprus!

Yesterday early morning we left Skavsta in heavy rain and sooo cold to land four hours later in Pafos - welcomed by sun, wonderful warm weather and picked up by wonderful friends. We were invited by Sue and Steve also to have dinner with them and the food was excellent and so the wine at this dinner in a "velvet" summer night at Olympus Village!

After having had our breakfast Sven left some minutes ago to play golf but I managed to take a photo of him this fantastic morning!

Sven really is enjoying his breakfast in the sun!

tisdag 1 september 2015

Summer in Sweden

We landed in Västervik on the 27th of May - and after more than three months here we are leaving Solhäll today. We do long for sunny days and warm velvet evenings in Olympus Village ....

Early this morning we had thunder and heavy rain and just now the weather is greyish.  So Cyprus - here we come!

If you cannot see it I tell you - at five this morning the rain was pouring down
And at seven - this was the view from our livingroom