söndag 18 oktober 2015

A fantastic day

We were invited to Goggi and Anders for lunch today - and what a lunch we had! We started at one o´clock on their top floor with champage and continued on their third floor with a superb lunch - and then we went down to the rocky beach for a swim, some beer and salami in the sun! We had a fantastic afternoon!

Friends for ever - Maj, Calle, Gerd-Louise, Sven and Anders
Entertainment also booked - a fantastic performance of this talented boy!
And a so tasty dinner....
The mermaid on the rocks....
Goggi and I and the salami...
Nice with a beer in the sunshine

fredag 16 oktober 2015

Girls´ evening out

We are all so happy that Goggi and Anders are back for a month on our island - and we "girls" met at "The Muse" for a girls´ evening - so happy to have Goggi back  with us again!

Almost all of us - only Clary is missing at "drinktime"

A view from our table over Paphos - so much more beautiful than my picture shows!

lördag 10 oktober 2015

Rotary friends in Paphos

Ingemar Friede - a close friend ouf ours - and his wife Ulla did invite "past govenors" Rotary friends to a get together in Paphos - and as former rotarians we invited them for a drink at our house. And then we had a typical Cyprus meze at a local taverna in Mesogi. What an evening we had!

A drink in Olympus Village with snacks
Rotarian friends - friends for ever....

At our local taverna
In Mesogi

torsdag 8 oktober 2015

Steve 70 years old

We cannot believe it - but when Sue and Steve left our island in the sun it was for a cruise on the Donau to celebrate Steve´s 70th birthday... He looks so boyish ....

They arrived back two days ago so we did celebrate his birthday with champagne at our house and dinner at a local taverna in Letymbou - close to Tsada. What a lovely evening we had!

Chmpagne to celebrate Steve at our house...!

And a fantastic dinner at Letymbou Tavern

måndag 5 oktober 2015

Boule with the Swedish group

Today Sven and I tried to play boule at the new boule course at Anemi Hotel in Kato Paphos. Sven has played before - many years ago when he was working in Paris - but for me it was a new experience. We both did enjoy it and we will continue playing. The first "match" we did win but the second one we lost.... But so what - we had a very enjoyable morning with many laughters!

Sven was the reason to our victory

And I did my best and had some "beginner´s luck"

4 x 70 years = 280 years

Yesterday we were invited to celebrate four friends who have turned 70 years during 2015. It was a fantastic party at the Vasilikon Winery close to Paphos. We were over 60 persons celebrating the 280 years old friends in splendid sunshine  as always in Cyprus....

After the lunch we were divided into four groups to create a picture to each of the birthday kids - and we were given magasins to find picture to fit into the personality of each - Marie-Louise, Johan, Lars and Christina. Below you will find the what we accomplished in 45 minutes. I am sorry but I missed to take a photo of team Chistina´s picture. 

Rigmor and Sven at "our" table
Marie-Louise, Johan and Goggi

Me, Marie and Marie-Louise enjoing the wine and food
The picture created to Marie-Louise by my team
And the picture to Johan
And Sven´s team to Lars
The birthday cake - so beautiful!
Two happy gentlemen - Evert and Hans

lördag 3 oktober 2015

Bridge for the ladies - cooking for the men

Back in Cyprus we gathered with our friends Evert and Anita, Ulla and Ingemar and Brit without Åke as he is still in Sweden. Whilst we ladies were playing bridge the boys cooked a three course meny for all of us. Fantasic!

We were served an avocado with a chili sause with garlic, tomtoes and paprika, calf filé stuffed with spicy ham and fried small potatoe pieces and as a dessert icecreame, fresh fruits in a very tasty home-made basket. What a dinner!

The boys in the kitchen performing a fantastic dinner
Whilst the girls are playing bridge outdoors in the velvet night....