söndag 29 november 2015

The 1st of Advent

Our view this morning - the 1st of Advent - from outside our kitchen. It is so hard to believe that it is snowing in Sweden and we walk around here in Cyprus in short sleeves, sandales and shorts! But on Friday we will fly to the cold North and I will change my sandels into snowbooths - and I do hope I will love it......


måndag 9 november 2015

Minigolf together with friends

We were invited by Aina and Bengt to play minigolf together with other close friends. We had lots of fun during the 18 holes - and many laughters were heard within our Swedish Group! Sven was the Winner - and I was so proud of him!

Afterwards we were invited to the Osswalds for champagne to celebrate the Winner - and Kjell who made hole in one on the 12th hole. Congratulations to both of them! And thereafter more wine, a tasty chicken pie, sallad and ice creme with lots of chocolate to go with the coffee and the Bailey. What a lovely afternoon and evening we had on Father´s Day!

The team - Though Sven is missing as he took the photo

Sven concentrating to find the right angle
And I - absolutely  knowing what I have to do

The winner with is trophy and Inger and Bengt toasting with him
Me, Gunnel and Kjell enjoying the evening!
Sven and the hostess Aina - so close together
Dan and Bengt - so satisfied after the dinner
The winner Sven and the "hole in one man" Kjell - Congratulations!

torsdag 5 november 2015

Our two latest Grandchildren!

André got his second child on the 24th of January - Karin - and Mark got his third child - Aston - on the 17th of September. They spent the automn holiday in Västervik end of October and here they stand side by side with their latest children!

Bridge and cooking!

Yesterday we had our bridge for the girls and cooking for the boys at Ulla and Ingemar. Ingemar and Ulla decided the meny and the boys were preparing a three course dinner whilst we were enjoying playing bridge. We girls love this concept! As a starter a very tasty soup, then a fantastic salom with mushed potatoes and for the dessert we had pomegrante mousse. The boys did very well - and so did we at the bridge table!

The CHEFS - Åke, Evert, Ingemar and Sven
The bridge girls - Maj, Ulla, Anita and Brit
The fantastic salmon
All of us enjoying it!
Evert explaining the wine to the dessert

onsdag 4 november 2015


The children had brought Halloween outfits from Sweden and they decorated our house and we all dressed up before we left when it got dark to ask our neighbours "Trick or Treat".

Decorating our livingroom
And Embla is working outdoors
And Sven is reading
All of us dressed up for "Trick or Treat"
Two witches - Sue and me
Our neighbour Sue over the street dressed up for Halloween
Embla choosing a Halloween hat ourside Sue´s door
Halloween dinner
Dallas and David visited us - also dressed up for a Halloween party
Sven is "decorated" by Toril
We got married a second time on Halloween - all arranged by Toril

Visit of children and grandchildren end of October

Jannicke with family arrived last Monday for a week´s stay and we hade a lovely time together! The children loved the pool - and the parents the jacuzzi! We hade lunch in the harbour, visited the Bird and Animal park, went shopping at the King´s Mall, had lunch at the golfcourse...... and of course we spent Hallooween together!

Toril and Embla with puzzles

And swimming in our pool
And testing Sue´s and Steve´s pool
Lunch at the Owens

Steve happy in Toril´s pretty hat
Children eting their favourite dish - chicken nuggets
The sun is setting in the Mediterranean behind
Waiting for the parrots at the Bird and Animal Park
In front of the giraffe

King of the jungle - the lion!
Riding on the stone lion
Both of them
Toril relaxing with her Ipad
And Jannicke with her book and Embla also with her Ipad
Shopping at Jumbo
Babysitting and serving chicken nuggets again
Love is in the airr between the sisters