måndag 9 november 2015

Minigolf together with friends

We were invited by Aina and Bengt to play minigolf together with other close friends. We had lots of fun during the 18 holes - and many laughters were heard within our Swedish Group! Sven was the Winner - and I was so proud of him!

Afterwards we were invited to the Osswalds for champagne to celebrate the Winner - and Kjell who made hole in one on the 12th hole. Congratulations to both of them! And thereafter more wine, a tasty chicken pie, sallad and ice creme with lots of chocolate to go with the coffee and the Bailey. What a lovely afternoon and evening we had on Father´s Day!

The team - Though Sven is missing as he took the photo

Sven concentrating to find the right angle
And I - absolutely  knowing what I have to do

The winner with is trophy and Inger and Bengt toasting with him
Me, Gunnel and Kjell enjoying the evening!
Sven and the hostess Aina - so close together
Dan and Bengt - so satisfied after the dinner
The winner Sven and the "hole in one man" Kjell - Congratulations!

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