onsdag 4 november 2015

Visit of children and grandchildren end of October

Jannicke with family arrived last Monday for a week´s stay and we hade a lovely time together! The children loved the pool - and the parents the jacuzzi! We hade lunch in the harbour, visited the Bird and Animal park, went shopping at the King´s Mall, had lunch at the golfcourse...... and of course we spent Hallooween together!

Toril and Embla with puzzles

And swimming in our pool
And testing Sue´s and Steve´s pool
Lunch at the Owens

Steve happy in Toril´s pretty hat
Children eting their favourite dish - chicken nuggets
The sun is setting in the Mediterranean behind
Waiting for the parrots at the Bird and Animal Park
In front of the giraffe

King of the jungle - the lion!
Riding on the stone lion
Both of them
Toril relaxing with her Ipad
And Jannicke with her book and Embla also with her Ipad
Shopping at Jumbo
Babysitting and serving chicken nuggets again
Love is in the airr between the sisters

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