söndag 27 december 2015

Back in Lund for Christmas

On the 22nd of December we drow down to Lund to celebrate Christmas with the children and grandchildren. In the afternoon I met Filip and Åsa whilst Sven was talking "business" in Malmö. In the evening we were invited to a superb dinner with Marie and Anders - Åsa´s parents.

On the 23rd we were supposed to bake Lussekatter with Jannicke, Tobbe, Embla and Toril - but as Embla was sick we asked Hanna-Fia and as their owen was "out of order" we ended up in Anna´s and Andrés house....

What a lovely evening we had - but where is Sven?
André leaving the house when we invaded it.....

And here is the fantastic result!
Karin is back.....
And so is André and Hugo!

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