torsdag 17 december 2015

Back in Sweden...

I have had som many problems with my blog but now I do hope they are SOLVED! We did land in Skavsta during one of the worst storms that Sweden has had - but thank you Ryan Air - you did put us safely down in Sweden! After 18 hours of travelling we reached Solhäll via Stansted, bus to Linköping and train to Västervik and with help of our friends Bernt and Margaretha who waited for us, drove us to Solhäll and handed over our breakfast. That is what I call friends!

We - or rather Sven - have been buzzy decoration Solhäll for Christmas and we have met lots of our Västervik friends without camera - as I have been sooo fed up.

Thirsday morning we took the train to Lund to celebrate Hanna-Fia - Mark´s wife - on her 35th birthday - and I took some photos during the party which I hope I will be able to insert! Let us hope I I do succeed!

And I did! But I am so sorry - now when I did succeed that neither Hanna-Fia nor Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Mark are on the photos and not the other guest either... But from now on I will update my blog "as normally before the brake down".

Hanna-Fia´s mother with baby Aston and Hugo
André, Sven and baby Karin - Anna´s and Andrés daughter
Anna, Hugo and André
Anna, Karin and Hugo and Hanna-Fia´s mother

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