söndag 27 december 2015

Christmas is here!

We spent the 24th of December - the Swedish Christmas - at Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s place and the pictures will tell for themselves what a fantastic afternoon and evening we had!

Enjoying the "glögg" and "lussekatterna"!
Together with Anna´s father Göran and Jannicke, Toril and Embla
And Tobbe, Maj and Tuva-Li
And Hugo, Anna, André, Siv, Karin and Wilhelm
And Göran again and Hanna-Fia with Jannicke
Grandfather Sven with the doll Karin
Tuva-Li playing with Karin
Jannicke with her daughters
Proud father with our latest grandchild Aston
Hugo, André´s son, Torl, Jannicke´s daughter and Tuva-Li, Mark´s daughter waiting
For the Christmas Man
And Toril has been so nice during the year...
And so had Wilhelm
And Embla....
And Hugo...
And Karin....
And what a hugh present Hugo and Karin got!
Wilhelm will start playing for us!
Grandmother and granddaughter.... So happy together
And finally - Christmas dinner!
Aston´s first Christmas
Grandfather Göran with Karin enjoying the Swedish "snaps"
Fantastic food!

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