onsdag 16 november 2016

Visit in Paphos by the Swedish Ambassador!

Yesterday the "new" Swedish ambassador visited Paphos and our Swedish association and we did learn a lot about the efforts from the Swedish Embassy to help Cyprus becoming one country and not diveded into one Turkish and one Cyprus part- Very interesting - and most important for our island in the sun! We were also visited by children whom we support at school.
Maina - the Chairman of SVIP - Svenskar I Pafos
"Our children" saying Thank you to all of us
A picture of the Swedish Abassador, the children and a representative of the Anemi Hotel

Anna Olsson from the Swedish Embassy in Nicosia

Me and Ana Olsson

The very satisfied audience

Aina and me - very concentrated....

Minigolf at Geriskipou

We had a loverly afternoon at the mingolf course invited by Aina and Bengt the other day followed by a lovely dinner at Aina's and Bengt's house! I am so proud over my "whole-in-one"!
Sven and Aina - Sven the winner of last year's competition

And here are the proud "whole-in-one"-players
And the total winner was....... BENGT!

tisdag 1 november 2016

Halloween in Cyprus!

Yesterday we had a fantastic evening celebrating Halloween here in Cyprus together with friends! We visited "our" face painter Mare together with Peter and Briitta-Liisa and of course our table did win! See for your selves - of course we are the best!

Of course we do look fantastic!

Sven and Briitta-Liisa

And me and Peter

The "beautiful" people

måndag 17 oktober 2016

Back on the boule lanes!

So - since a couple of weeks I am back on the boule lanes twice a week - and together with Sven once a week - every Monday and Thursday - and I do enjoy it! Throwing away those metal balls on a sandy court under the warming sun of Cyprus is exactly a sport for me - and some relaxation for Sven - leaving the golf course for a morning at the boule lanes! And I do appreciate having found a sport that we are able to do together!

And - as we only have three lanes the maximum of people playing is 18 - and we have been that many during the last weeks! We do  highly enjoy it!

lördag 15 oktober 2016

Our 70th birthdays celebrated in Cyprus!

Back in Cyprus we continued to plan our 70th birthdays together with four of our friends who also have turned 70 years old earlier this year. We decided to celebrate our mature ages - in total 420 years - at a wine yard - and of course we did choose the best - Tsangarides  - situated in a small village close to Paphos. The owner Angelos prepared a fantastic barbecue for us and we were served his very tasty wines - white, rosé and red - all through the afternoon with rape grapes hanging over us - ready to be picked. For Sven and me it was a very big difference to the weather Västervik presented to us in July..... Then it was rain, rain and once again rain - and now it was sun, sun and once again sun!

We had a fantastic afternoon and we all injoyed the food, the weather and the wines - and of course the Zorba dancers entertaining us and trying to learn us how to dance - and taking into consideration that Sven and I belong to the youngest we all did very well!

We all say a warm "Thank you" to Tsangarides Winery, the owner Angelos, his father and sister and last but not least Angelos´nice who also entertained us dancing fantastic Zorba!

Dan, Sven, Ulla, Maj, Ingemar and Inger - the 70-thies

My table

Inger´s table

Dan´s table

Ingemar´s table

Sven´s table
And Angela´s and Kjell´s table - married to Dan and Inger respectively

The Zorba dancer were fantastic!

And Ulla was fantastic in balancing glasses!

And everybody wanted to take a photo of that!

Angelos´ father, sister and nice - making our party so fantastic!
And our dear friend Evert is really trying his balance....

And I try to do my best dancing......

But I do not know if I managed......

But the boys did! Look at their legs!

Sven and Angela are thanking Angelos for a fantastic afternoon - and Johan agrees

And this is my way of saying " Thank you Angelos"
Looks like Hans, Bengt and Kjell are satisfied...

And so also Maina and Petra....

The party is over and it is time to say good bye

And Angelos father is checking if there are any wine bottles left

tisdag 23 augusti 2016

My 70th birthday!

After breakfast the Sven, Göran, Calle and Bengt went to play golf, Guggi and Anders to the hospital in Västervik with Ander´s bad back and Evert and Anita went for a sightseeing in Västervik as Evert had problems with an arm..... We are getting old.......

The remaining girls, Aina, Gerdlouise, Lena and I went with "Freden" for a one hour trip on the sea to two islands - connected with a bridge - where we had a typical island lunch. We were picked up at the ferry with a 4-wheeler and driven to the restaurant. After lunch we had a guided tour in the 4-wheeler on the two islands with a very pleasant guide.

Back again we had a perfect dinner - catering - together with the most perfect wine - a 3 liters bottle of a 31 years Amarone! We all say thank you so much to Anita and Evert who brought the bottle! I will never forget my 70th birthday!

Our guide at Idö - a fisherman

Gerdlouise and Aina enjoying the nature at the islands

And so does Lena

And Aina´s dogs

Ready for the return to Västervik and Solhäll

The winner of the Golf Competition was GÖRAN and got this beautiful statue

Champagne before dinner

Also for the boys

Dinner is served

And Evert is ready to open the BOTTLE!

And I am soooo excited!

It is open to be served! And the taste was excellent!!!!!!!!!

söndag 21 augusti 2016

The "Cyprus" golfers have arrived

On the 16th of August our friends arrived for a couple of days at Solhäll. At lunchtime we took the Buster to Malmö - an island owned by friends of hours for lunch.
Not everyone had arrived by then but in the early evening the rest arrived and we did play some games and had a barbecue. I was so buzzy so no photos from those events.

However - so many laughs!
On our way to the island of  Malmö

And having lunch at the cliffs in the harbour.