måndag 25 januari 2016

Karin 1 year old

And on Karin´s birthday yesterday we were invited tor dinner to celebrate her first year and also Andrés 39th birthday tomorrow! So we visited two birthday parties celebrating three precious persons the same day!

The birthday child with her brother
André with son and daughter
Hungry - and ready for dinner
Anna and Mark played cards with Tuva-Li and Hugo 
And so did I and grandfather

Willy 8 years old

Sunday we were invited for a brunch to celebrate Wilhelm´s birthday - he was 8 years on the 22nd of January - and we did enjoy the party!

Gradfather and grandmother with Aston
Unpacking presents together with cousins and Tuva-Li
Jannicke and Toril
Hugo is hungry
Father and son
And Wilhelm ready to blow out the eight candles

Meeting friends at John Bull Pub in Lund

We checked in at the hotel and we got a fantastic room with a big basket filled with fruit, chips and nuts as a compensation for the "alarm night" at Christmas! We could have had a big party there!

Before we walked to the pub we just popped by to say hallo to Mark´s family and tried to see André with family too but they were out playing in the snow.

We were a minimized group of friends this year due to illness but never the less we had a lovely evening!

Aston - 4 months old now and a big boy!
All of us - long time since we met
And so nice to meet again
And so much to talk about!
Dear friends since 1975

Driving down to Lund

When we drove down to Lund Saturday morning to celebrate the birthdays of Wilhelm, Karin and  the weather and and last but not least André the woods through Smålands were soooo beautiful with snow and ice on the trees!

The landscape was so beautiful and no snow on the roads
And the concentrated driver

fredag 22 januari 2016

Winter in Västervik!

Since the children left with their families during the first week of January we have been partying a lot - meeting friends here at Solhäll and being invited to all our friends in Västervik - and I felt that I could not publish pictures of us eating and drinking almost every day. But I must admit that we have had a lovely time! However - we have also had some sport activities playing boule twice a week - and in fact - I should have taken some pictures there. Next time!

We are now preparing ourselves for a trip to Lund tomorrow for a couple of days´ stay to celebrate Mark´s son Wilhelm 8 years today, Andrés daughter Karin 1 year on Sunday and not the least Andrés 39th birthday on Tuesday! Tomorrow evening we will meet friends and family in Lund at our favorite pub "John Bull"! Table is reserved for us all.

Back at Solhäll we will finish our packing going back to Paphos on Saturday the 30th of January to unpack, having dinner with our dear friends Sue & Steve that evening, and then pack again for our exciting trip to South Africa - so from now on I will update my blog much more frequently!

To give you something - I took some pictures from our veranda this noon showing a beautiful winter landscape just outside our windows.

Minus 12 degrees - and so beautiful!
Our island namned "Sven´s ö" in the background - so funny to visit for our Grandchildren

söndag 3 januari 2016

Dinner with the family at Solhäll

Sven and I bought a tent for the grandchildren - and what a hit! They had so much fun with it whilst I was preparing the dinner! We had a fantastic evening ended by listening to Hanna-Fia and Anna singing for us together with the grandchildren.

After having "cleaned" the kitchen we just sat down with a glass of wine....

Grandfather helping the Children to build up the tent
With the help of Tuva-Li, Wilhelm and Hugo
And it gets bigger and bigger and ......
It is almost ready
Sven instructs the to look that way....
To enable me to take this fantastic picture!
Singing along
For us

fredag 1 januari 2016

And Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm, Tuva-Li, Aston, André, Anna, Hugo and Karin have arrived!

So just the days before New Year´s Eve André and Mark arrived with their families - and Solhäll was "invaded" in a very positive way! Our grandchildren just love to play with the toys their fathers used to play with!

Before we left for a New Year´s dinner with friends in Västervik we were invited by the children for a drink in their houses!

Grandfather playing with Hugo with the Brio toy from the eighties
And putting pictures into Tuva-Li´s book
Tuva-Li just loves bananas
And finally Karin and André joined them
New Year´s eve for a drink at Andrés house
My handsome man dressed up for the PARTY!
Our sons with their latest Children - Aston and Karin
And Grandmother with the sunshine Karin