fredag 1 januari 2016

And Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm, Tuva-Li, Aston, André, Anna, Hugo and Karin have arrived!

So just the days before New Year´s Eve André and Mark arrived with their families - and Solhäll was "invaded" in a very positive way! Our grandchildren just love to play with the toys their fathers used to play with!

Before we left for a New Year´s dinner with friends in Västervik we were invited by the children for a drink in their houses!

Grandfather playing with Hugo with the Brio toy from the eighties
And putting pictures into Tuva-Li´s book
Tuva-Li just loves bananas
And finally Karin and André joined them
New Year´s eve for a drink at Andrés house
My handsome man dressed up for the PARTY!
Our sons with their latest Children - Aston and Karin
And Grandmother with the sunshine Karin

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