fredag 22 januari 2016

Winter in Västervik!

Since the children left with their families during the first week of January we have been partying a lot - meeting friends here at Solhäll and being invited to all our friends in Västervik - and I felt that I could not publish pictures of us eating and drinking almost every day. But I must admit that we have had a lovely time! However - we have also had some sport activities playing boule twice a week - and in fact - I should have taken some pictures there. Next time!

We are now preparing ourselves for a trip to Lund tomorrow for a couple of days´ stay to celebrate Mark´s son Wilhelm 8 years today, Andrés daughter Karin 1 year on Sunday and not the least Andrés 39th birthday on Tuesday! Tomorrow evening we will meet friends and family in Lund at our favorite pub "John Bull"! Table is reserved for us all.

Back at Solhäll we will finish our packing going back to Paphos on Saturday the 30th of January to unpack, having dinner with our dear friends Sue & Steve that evening, and then pack again for our exciting trip to South Africa - so from now on I will update my blog much more frequently!

To give you something - I took some pictures from our veranda this noon showing a beautiful winter landscape just outside our windows.

Minus 12 degrees - and so beautiful!
Our island namned "Sven´s ö" in the background - so funny to visit for our Grandchildren

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