måndag 29 februari 2016

And we are back in the boule...

Today - in the most wonderful weather - we were back at the boule course at the Anemi Hotel. We were six and my team did win after two "heats". It was so much fun!

Sven is really concentrated
And who is closest? Of course I was - or Hans or Lars in my team....

söndag 28 februari 2016

Cyprus is beautiful too!

After two night of deep sleep and one day at the washing machine and one day updating my blog we went this noon to our favourite winery Tsangarides - only 10 minutes from our house. His wines are excellent - so we had some wine tasting before we left with 12 bottles of Xinistery and 12 bottles of his red wine. And on our way back to Olympus Village I was so impressed of the views! Cyprus is also beautiful!

His Matro is so tasty!

A view from his Winery - beautiful....

And he invited us to tast his first Ziwania. Very tasty....

Beautiful views on our way home...

And an other one ...

lördag 27 februari 2016

Day 1 - the 6th of February - leaving Cyprus

A world in one Country! 

So true it was! Please follow our fantasic journey in South Africa on my blog!

Leaving Larnaca after a pick up from our best friends - Sue and Steve

Sven is checking in for our flight from Doha to Johannisburg - and we are on our wy!

Day 2 - the 7th of February - Distance to travel: 135 kms

We arrived this morning in Johannisburg after having seen the airport of Larnaca, the airport of Doha and the airport of Johannisburg. We had a quick check in and lunch at the poolside and then we were picked up for our guided tour to Soweto. What an experience....We did visit the Hector Pieterson Museum and drow by the house where Nelson Mandela lived.

A picture of a black Jesus in the church of Soweto

Beautiful windows in the church

The two cooling towers of Soweto

The houses for the poor people in Soweto

Would you visit this Tavern

Day 3 - the 8th of February - Distance to travel: 425 kms

We left Johannisburg early in the morning to visit Pretoria and the towns Mpualanga, Dullstrom and Lydenburg. We also travelled the Long Tom Pass and I was rather happy that it was a bit foggy so I did not have to close my eyes...

Me and a hugh Nelson Mandela

And also Sven with him....

Lunchtime in the sunshine

And a glass of wine at the poolside outside our bungalow

Sven took this photo at the poolside....

Day 4 - the 9th of February - Distance to travel: 320 kms

.We drove the Panorama Route with its forested mountains. After visiting Blyde River Canyon, Bourke´s Luck  Potholes and God´s Window we were so over the place... It was so beautiful views!

View over Blyde River Canyon

Fantastic view - and husband....

What a fantastic view!

And another taken by Sven

Now we are at the Bourke´s Luck Potholes and see below what water is able to create..



I have no words ......

What a beautiful couple.....

And this is a beautiful view from God´s Window

The scenary is so fantastic!

Do you agree?

Day 5 - the 10th of February - Distance to travel: 120 kms

SThis day was Kruger Park and we saw them all - the big fives! The lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhino, the leopard, and also a very shy cheetha. And so many other wild animals... It was a WONDERFUL day. See for your selves!

The rhino - do you see it behind the trees? We did!

The leopard in the middle of the photo - lazy in the sand

You only see the nose of the hippo

This elephant was not very pleased meeting us on the road so we had to reverse as quickly as we could

Giraffes are a very proud animal - always with his/her head high

Two vutures waitng for someone to die

The lion is behind the tree. Do you see it - we did!

The cheetha was just two meters from us
What a beauty...

The big buffalo....

More giraffes...

And a beautiful zebra...

And this fantastic greeting met us at the hotel when we came back!

Day 6 - the 11th of February - Distance to travel: 310 kms

We drove to Swaziland - a former British protection territory - now ruled by the King MsWati III and we  were entertained by professional singers and dansers welcoming us to their country.

We really fellt so welome to Swziland!
with men and women entertaining us singing and dancing

So fantastic they were

And I was invited to dance with them....

At the hotel - Sven needs help to get logged in..

We ha a lovely dinner with our fantastic guide

And we went to the Casion at the hotel and when I had more than doublet we cashed in